Kuwait Airways being sued?

it seems that kuwait airways is being sued by lawyer hawraa alhabib, who basically is asking the court to forbid the national airline from flying as it is putting he lives of kuwatis at risk - way to go hawraa, i guess this is a bold step in the right direction, people are fed up and we need to clone you and have hundreds and thousands of kuwaitis taking the same action towards their airline.

on the other hand, i spotted this interesting chart in alqabas, an inventory of kuwait airways fleet and their current average age, really pathetic, compared to emirates' 6 years average fleet age!

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    1. Mary says:

      I guess you have to sue this government to make them perform! Best of luck to this lawyer, I wish there were more people in this country that cared.

    2. 965malls says:

      Lol – good idea :)

    3. Shameless says:

      Respect.. Respect and more Respect for lawyer Hawraa!!! It feels so good to know that someone has the guts to finally do something. Hope more will follow. Best of luck!

    4. Romana says:


    5. Romana says:

      By the way,age here isnt correct,there isnt any fleet younger than 15years

    6. 965malls says:

      well that's what the paper showed, if that's the case then the average is even higher!

    7. Common sense says:

      This airline wouldn't be in business if people STOPPED using it, NOBODY is forcing them to get on those planes. I'd never use Kuwait Airways knowing its reputation just to save a few bucks!

    8. 965malls says:

      good idea..

    9. Anonymous says:

      SHAME ON YOU KA! This same plane that was grounded took off last night to where? Dhaka, because who cares if a bunch of cleaning workers die, is that it, KA? You'de have to be really desperate to get on a KA flight right now. As reported in a KT artcle yesterday, " In the meantime, according to Jamal Al-Mjtairi from the Kuwait Airways Union published the news that the same aircraft that nearly caused a disaster on a flight to Jeddah was last night bound to Dhaka. — KUNA".

    10. 965malls says:

      read that, but i don't know why i have this positive feeling things will soon change for kuwait airways and i hope they do before a colossal disaster…

    11. fred says:

      It's just that they have let it deteriorate, orchestrated or not, to such appalling levels I find it questionable that they even care. In an unrelated topic, I noticed that they added a new wing 4-6 gates to the airport. HOWEVER, with the airport staff arriving at the xray machines so close to departure, they cause huge amounts of unnecessary conjestion in the halls. They could open the gates earlier, so that people wait inside the gate area so they keep the crowds from getting so restless. There are large populations of idiots in this country that can't even comprehend an xray machine, so it is advantageous for this airport to expedite the boarding process to minimize the chaos. The new wing is not impressive, but long overdue.

    12. PKG says:

      its about that gawd damn time someone stepped up to that rubbish!

    13. krotothea says:

      This is pathetic and we know all even staff whos reading this blogsite, first long time planned to privatixed this junk airline, second we are all asking whos is the responsible or incharge? well Government, Parliament and Company/Corp. they said the y cannot pursue the privatization coz they looking of possible of having a commission if they delivered or purchased the new aircraft WHAT THE HELL? it means Goverment or parliament how didd they hell know if somebody doing or getting commision i tihnk common sense here " BECAUSE THIS IS THEY DOING TO STEAL AND CORRUPT AND GETTING COMMISION" saying that a robber does hold grudge against his fellow robbers. RIDICULOUS! SHAME ON THEM. SELFISH!!! HOPE IN FUTURE OIL WONT FINISH LETS SEE WHAT HAPPEN.

    14. Aref says:

      And the point is? The design life of most of these aircraft is not measured in years but flight cycles. Kuwait Airways aircraft are well within the design service goals of the manufacturer. Yes, the entertainment and seating onboard are old and rubbish. Yes, the maintenance costs for an old aircraft are higher than those of a young aircraft. But from a safety point of view, age means very little.
      The problems seen in Kuwait Airways today are the result of years of incompetent non-operational management.

    15. 965malls says:

      i re-posted your comment here as it doesn't show when you post on the picture page – i see you're from the airline industry, you use the correct plural for aircraft, without an "s" :)

      now back to the subject, why are some countries increasingly imposing aircraft age restrictions? age takes its toll on aircraft and maintenance cost, it jeopardizes safety in ailing airlines..

    16. yes sir says:

      I notice these posts are 36 weeks old and I can promise you nothing has changed. Matter of fact it might be worse. Still flying old AC and almost 50% of the fleet is grounded. I am waiting to hear they have been blocked out of the EC and USA for operating unsafe equipment. They are a few ramp checks away from having insurance pulled as well. I would suggest (without proof) they are reactive. If a crash happens they will react to make changes. Who flies Kuwait Air? Gov and free flying paxs these days. I don't know the load factors these days but its a hot topic in Kuwait right now and something has to give soon……but soon is a relative term.

    17. 965malls says:

      unfortunately true!!! nothing has changed…

    18. yes sir says:

      Its getting worse. I am hearing that they have regular safety inspections in different countries. They have to worry about being told they can no longer land in places like London if the aircraft are so bad. It is very dangerous.

    19. 965malls says:

      ouf!! hope they buy the new planes before this happens..

    20. yes sir says:

      don't believe the news report of Kuwait Air buying from Airbus, its all ……… untrue.

    21. 965malls says:

      and we thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel…

    22. yes sir says:

      ou have no idea how bad it really is.

    23. 965malls says:

      well, my perception is so bad i never travel with kuwait airways!

    24. yes sir says:

      what they are doing now is no better. They are going to rent old airplanes to replace the old ones they have now. This will be for 7 years. Huge waste of money and does not fix anything. I know for a fact, god is my witness I can replace their fleet in less than 6 months, brand new, factory warranty. I can have 15 new AC in 30 days for them. The airline will not sign a letter of intent or interest. Thsi is a letter with no obligation to anything expect to say we are interested. Its a true crime.

    25. yes sir says:

      so now I hear they are leasing from Jet Airways in India, old crap to replace their old crap. There is factory new AC for them to buy or lease today. They will not follow proper business practice to complete a good deal for Kuwait and its passengers.

    26. 965malls says:

      omg! corruption has no cure!!

    27. yes sir says:

      Its not corruption, its a lack of knowing what can be done to solve problems.

    28. 965malls says:

      That's even worse!

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