Kuwait Airways to be privatised. What about Wataniya Airways?

it seems that kuwait airways is well on its way to be privatised, or at least 35% of it for a total tag price of kd 225 million – the airline has been suffering from governmental neglect for years so this may be the way to bring it back to what it once was – the deadline for submitting proposals is august 25th, the big question is, will wataniya airways be involved in one way or the other?

there were always rumors of wataniya's colossal interest in kuwait airways, if the group buys the 35% stake then the mastery of ceasing wataniya's operations will be solved! let's wait and see...

    6 Responses to “Kuwait Airways to be privatised. What about Wataniya Airways?”

    1. Moe22 says:

      A lot of rumors on this subject, on Sheikh Hamad's ambitious takeover Kuwait Airways, these games are played behind the scenes and cooked well in advance… just wait and see

    2. pessimistic says:

      Nothing will happen, it will never be fixed

    3. 7mood says:

      Maybe that was the plan all along

    4. Husam says:

      What about all the claims that were filed against wataniya airlines. Shouldn't they give the customers their money back first before they can bid on Kuwait airways?

    5. 965malls says:

      well, we have to separate the airline from the group – the airline can go bankrupt any day but the group can always expand.

    6. indah says:

      I flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to JFK (NY). Kuwait was never on time. My way to JFK was delayed 3 hours in Jakarta, and the way back to Jakarta was delayed 2 hours (but ended up delaying for 3 hours again). Entertainment was very poor, like 4 channels and I couldn’t pause, repeat or forward. the movie was already in the middle so, either I watched it or I didn’t t watch it at all. I had to ask for a blanket (they didn’t just give it to passengers). I had to ask for earphones. Mostly the non vegetarian food were finished (so although I’m not a vegetarian, I had no choice to get MEAT for my meal). Planes were old. I couldn’t charge my phone or any other devices (I could do it with etihad/qatar and emirates). They didn’t give toiletries like socks, eye shadded, ear plugs or toothbrush (again I got them from etihad/qatar and emirates). They didn’t maintain the cleanliness for toilets too. So after flying for hours, I found toilets became so gross and disgusting. The worst part, I lost one of my bags in jakarta. I complained, the staff was so rude. After 24 hours, I called the staff again, The staff said “kuwait never received my bag, so maybe my bag would be still in JFK” (WTF?) . Until now (After 2 days), I still havent gotten any information regarding my bag. I don’t know where my bag is and when will I get my bag. Funnily, the lost and found staff in Jakarta’s airport only works twice a week when they have schedule. Except that day, no one can service me!!! I’m still hoping I can get my bag soonn. So, if you think delay, no entertainment, cheap facilities and the possibility to lose your bag are ok, go with this airlines. I will never fly with this airlines again!!!. WORST AIRLINE ON PLANET!!!!!!!

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