Ladurée has much improved since our last ordeal


a couple of years ago, we had a very bad experience with ladurée and as a result we boycotted the place and shunned from visiting it - last week, we decided to turn the page on a 2 and a half years grudge and decide to try it again - to be fair, it is miles away from what it was when they first opened, the service has greatly improved on several levels - no more waiting for your food, bills or orders and no more orders mix-up.

the food is very good so is the presentation, so if you are in the mood for some french breakfast do not hesitate to visit - one wrinkle still persists, the waiters still can't get the french menu, i would recommend an english menu instead or an intensive crash course french training to the waiters - merci :)

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    1. Kizi 2 says:

      nice, i want eat now ^_^

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    9. ChelseaForrest says:

      Yeah it is true that they went through a phase of low standard and quality of service in the recent past but they have re-developed their reputation and standards. Off course the resume writer has helped them in regaining their customer’s interest back to the place. I will say you should give it a visit and check it out for yourself.

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