Maguy Farah offers her 2012 horoscope predictions

at the beginning of the new year, many people seek astrologers to read their horoscope and get a glimpse of the future - here's what maguy farah, one of the most famous lebanese astrologers, had to say for 2012 zodiac signs.

aries (march 21 - april 20): drastic changes on the emotional front for this sign, especially around mid-year - year-end will witness commitment to marriage - aries will face difficulties at work especially the first few months of 2012 and they have to rely on the support of families & friends who don’t want to see them fail - aries will benefit from this kind of support, personally & professionally.

taurus (april 21 - may 21): 2012 is the ideal year for those seeking the stability of marriage and the quiet family life - the year will provide the opportunity to ditch pointless relationships and start new ones that will lead to serious commitments - lots of opportunities on the professional level but one has to think seriously before undertaking new projects - taurus will go independent this year but this will take a lot of energy & effort.

gemini (may 22 - june 21): positive developments on the emotional front due to wise choices at the beginning of the year - gemini have to admit their old mistakes and not repeat them in 2012 - many unsuccessful relationships will fail between gemini and the other signs around mid-year - professionally, gemini will feel more confident in undertaking more responsibilities with more efficiency which will pay-off in the first quarter of 2012 - they will be financially satisfied around mid year.

cancer (june 22 - july 22): cancer will continue to impress their partners during the first few months of 2012, but will grow impatient with them around april and may and feel as if they are not being appreciated - cancer’s fondness of people around them will become scarce at the beginning of the year when people start doubting their ideas & recommendations - cancer might change jobs around mid-year.

leo (23 july - 23 august): leo will feel the urge for freedom at the beginning of the year - around april they will be worried about their partners or beloved ones and seek to protect them - nevertheless, june will be the best month for leo on the emotional front and 2012 will be a great year especially for the bachelor ones who will find love and commitment - on the professional level leo will have lots of success starting the second quarter of 2012 and might witness change of career for the better.

virgo (august 24 - september 22): it’s the year of huge & challenging decisions - in may, virgo will face an emotional problem that will necessitate a thoughtful & decisive decision, but virgo will succeed in solving this issue - virgo might face numerous betrayals and back-stabbing all year long and have to be careful - on the professional front, virgo will face a lot of competition from people close to them at work, especially during august and september, but overall it will be a successful year and lots of opportunities will come across during november and december.

libra (september 23 - october 22): emotional stability will dominate the beginning of the year - avoid problems with your partners as libra might lose them this year on the grounds of negligence - however starting june onwards, love will stabilize especially for bachelors - on the professional level, this is the year of great responsibilities but libra will bravely face them despite the little problems from people close to them and who oppose them in secret.

scorpio (october 23 - november 22): a lot of emotional difficulties for scorpio this year especially around mid-year when doubt interferes into ongoing problems hence it is advisable for scorpio to think before they speak - however, emotional stability will crown the end of 2012 - on the professional front, wise choices will be made at the beginning of the year, followed by stability around june and prosperity towards year-end.

sagitarius (november 22 - december 21): a relationship might come to an end in february due to some misunderstanding, but if this could be avoided, then you will have a smooth and calm relationship till mid-year - sagitarius might need the advice of a close friend to take some important decisions so hesitation should not stand in the way - sagitarius will be busy working and studying in the beginning of the year and will reap the rewards of their efforts by year-end.

capricorn (december 22 - january 20): it is recommend to be emotional and romantic with your partners in order to avoid conflicts later on this year on the grounds of being cold and tough - take your time and think, this is the year of decisions, to commit or not to commit - if you have more than one partner in your life, your secrets will be out - professionally, you will start a job outside your country or travel a lot within your current job - august will bring a problem at work which you will have to deal with - lots of opportunities during november & december.

aquarius (january 21 - february 19): aquarius always see the good side of their partners and disregard the negative side - they'll be busy with work by mid-year and this will keep them distant from their partners - on the professional level, aquarius will start the year with great confidence and help a lot of people around them - may and june will bring positive change at work and promise a great closure for 2012 - aquarius will come up with great ideas that will help them enhance their reputation at work.

pisces (february 20 - march 20): great emotional start for pisces, they'll be the center of attention of their partners at the beginning of this year - love will be the highlight of february and questions of love will have to be answered - bachelors will feel very popular by mid-year and married ones will feel some unrest but that feeling won’t last long - on the professional level, pisces will see some tangible evolution in february and april will be their best financial month.

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      What a year!!

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      I don't believe this Sh*t, sorry :)

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      Many similarities between the signs especially emotionally.. is she for real?

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      Mme .Maguy are u working with super power?

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