Marina Bridge to welcome permanent street gazers

In a few weeks, big posters will be standing next to you as you gaze down the gulf road. Placed at both sides of the bridge, the posters will carry different types of advertising targeting the walking crowds. If bridges are frames for looking at the world around us, then the marina bridge world will no longer be same.

    4 Responses to “Marina Bridge to welcome permanent street gazers”

    1. pinkish says:

      we will have something to see while crossing that bridge

    2. Moe22 says:

      not so sure, i love the bridge the way it is, don't agree on this pinkish

    3. Danah says:

      same here

    4. Shopaholic says:

      Excuse me!! see what??? as if we didn’t have enough walls to surround us like a prison, they’ll take that small space away from us?! what was nice about the bridge is the view!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!! So the guys who built it were too STUPID to put windows instead of walls to block the view. Man why didn’t they think of that? :-p hey what’s next? our sunglasses? this is too sad :(

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