Marmalade & Fresh onions

i read this strange story on arabtimes about this guy who basically wears several hats, a plumber by day, a tutor in the evening and a thief by night! i kind of wondered what a strange combo! i mean if you are a tutor, then you must have some kind of vocation to do something good whilst being a thief is at the other extreme end - spreading knowledge and spreading fear are two completely opposite things, delivering a message with patience and making a quick buck do not match!! as for giving it so contradicts with taking...

how can this guy be all these things together? that sounds exactly like a marmalade & fresh onions sandwich! what a mess...

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    1. mishmash says:

      I read the news yesterday but never thought of it from that perspective.. interesting thoughts, strange how the two “jobs” require very opposite characters, one gives while the other take, I like that

    2. Jack says:

      Actually, he is clever, being a tutor allowed him access to people's homes, so he could stake out his next job. He more than likely is not even qualified to tutor anyone. Also being a plumber, the same reason. People sometimes take jobs to fuel their vises, sometimes they use postions of power to lure their next victim, same thing. Crime is growing in KWT, people need to be more vigilant now.

    3. mishmash says:

      Hmmm… He is manipulating his preys… Interesting, feels like CSI series :)

    4. Traveler says:

      Maybe he is a tutor of Art History and a thief of High Priced Art — he hides the art in the pipes of the house he has broken in to and when he comes to fix the sink he removes the artwork and takes it with him.

    5. 965malls says:

      Like dr jekyll & mr hyde..

    6. TKG says:

      LooL and I am thinking about the TV series 'White Collar' the FBI hire a known con artist to work on cases and he still was stealing priceless artifacts.

      It is sad how they cancelled CSI: Miami, loved that show :(

    7. Zaid says:

      CSI miami is the coolest, love it.. the title of this post too, very intriguing..

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