Meet Abou Arab’s bagels

in lebanon, they have these special bagels called "kaaek" - bagels are traditionally sold by street vendors who are famous for their chant "kaaek kaaek" and consumed largely in the morning for breakfast.

abou arab decided to create a new business model by branding the traditional lebanese bagel, franchising it and selling it not only for breakfast, but as an afternoon snack as well.

abou arab's bagels are super delicious, though traditionally they were stuffed with sesame & thyme, today you can also add cheese, labneh, olives or ham - abou arab's bagels are very cheap, the price of a bagel ranges from 200 fils to 750 fils depending on the fillings - if you happen to visit lebanon this summer, you must try abou arab bagels, my all time favorite is the one stuffed with sesame & thyme + "picon" cheese - picon is a soft cheese spread similar to "abou alwalad" in kuwait and you can find it at "lama".

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    1. zaydoun says:

      I love Abu Arab and make a point of stopping by on my way back to Beirut from Jiye beaches

    2. Sousou says:

      It’s my favorite snack in the afternoon, one typical lebanese “3asrounieh” that still reminds me of my childhood :)

    3. Tony says:

      Ka3ek ka3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

      Love ot! Looks delicious!

    4. FouadZzz says:

      I remember when I was a kid we used to play down after finishing our homework then the sound of the kaak vendor with this huge plate full of hot fresh kaak on his head, gives us a break and we all buy from him our afternoon snack.. The good old times!!! How I miss that :)

    5. 965malls says:

      Amazing how food can bring so much memories…

    6. lescribbler says:

      i hope they bring it to Kuwait. I love bagels bt they are so hard to find here!

    7. 965malls says:

      Someone told me they exist in kuwait – i'll inquire and make an update in the coming few days

    8. adib nader says:

      i f ind it extra how can we have information about franchising i am really interested with whom we can get in contact thanks

    9. 965malls says:

      the best thing is to contact one of abou arab's branches in lebanon and try to reach the original franchiser.


    10. John says:

      Hello. I like Abou Atrab Bagels, Kaak. I would like to suggest that Abou Arab should organize the way how to service customers. The customer pay and wait for the Bagel and always people jump on each other to be served …So please find a way to better serve the customer. An Idea probably is give the customer a number after he pay and then the customer wait till his number be called.
      Thanks ..Enjoy the kaak

    11. Janet James says:

      Best ever bagels I had in Tel Aviv. Lox, delicious

    12. rush essays says:

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