Meet Al Hamra’s fine restaurants

i was at alhamra mall this weekend, so i took a tour in the ghost mall - i went to the busiest area which had like 10 people... the food court at the second floor - there i spotted a number of fine restaurants opening around elevation burger - here is a list of what's coming very soon:

1- éatachment: a very weird restaurant name, i have no clue how to pronounce it and i bet people will fail to recall the name - it seems to be an italian restaurant with a twist, not sure what kind of twist.. if it is the name then it's a big fail...

2- cuts: i guess you know brazilian cuts by now, i assume it is the same as the one at the moevenpick, but the logo is different so i got all confused.

3- bice: an italian restaurant from milan which became international with over 30 restaurants across the globe.

4- pizza milano: a new concept by bice group of restaurants, a fine, fresh fastfood opening in dubai, abou dhabi & kuwait.

5- il caffé di roma: it is the italian coffee-house run by the famous brand lavazza, looking forward for that!

6- hanhum: looks like a kuwaiti restaurant that serves mashbous, moutabak and other dishes - you can visit their facebook page here and check the pictures.

hope these restaurants open soon, at least they will bring some traffic to the deserted mall, it's pathetic!

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    1. Just suggestions says:

      Do you think that this mall will be successful? Will people really travel to Kuwait City to dine or are they shooting for a successful lunch crowd? (ie the ministry staffers) It is nice that they are slowly developing their capitol, I guess the government who should be responsible for the infrastructure there are relying on individual investors to upgrade it. Where Kuwait fails is in marketing. They need to entice people to come to this mall and the government needs to work on the gridlock amongst many issues. They could formulate a historical commitee to renovate old Kuwait buildings in the capitol to give it a more charming feel and ban traffic in some areas by doing a citywalk with improved landscaping.

    2. 965malls says:

      not so sure about this mall – my guess it will only serve the business tower once complete and rented… until then it is ghost town…
      i wish old kuwait can be renovated, it is the most beautiful part of the city, it has a character and can be a great attraction.. unfortunately, old buildings are being demolished and stale skyscrapers erected instead..

    3. LuxuryLink says:

      I will tell you a small secret…people hear that Al Hamra is expensive and it has only luxury stores and restaurants…so my guess is that only high society will shop there and others won't dare to step in.. So I don't know if this is the aim but as you said I've been there a few times and it's always ghosty..

    4. Mary says:

      Kuwait likes to dream. With the present mindset of their own people who prefer to spend their money abroad, to the expats that hold their money only buying the necessities and save their money for travel abroad, compounded with no tourism, it is futile to build high-end malls with high-end restaurants. A lunch crowd will be their only survival, so they should market to this crowd. AND with the traffic problems in Kuwait, who would drive to Kuwait City at night or even day for that matter. Alot of issues tied to doing business in Kuwait. Kuwait needs to look at the core of their problems and solve from within then the rest will be more easily solved. What I see is a lack of foreign involvement and from these businessmen the Kuwaitis will learn to run their country, but now they really lack the necessary skills to run their own affairs.

    5. 965malls says:

      it reminds me of 360 at the beginning of its operation, only this one has much tougher days ahead…

    6. Logical says:

      Let them open a Carrefour or Géant and people will flow

    7. barroon says:

      The food court will be convenient for people like me who work in Kuwait city and want to meet and eat after work. I want to go there but not too sure where the parking is or where is the entrance of underground parking. I didn’t notice any “P” signs leading me there.

    8. 965malls says:

      easy, just take a right turn at mughal mahal then go left, you'll find the parking straight ahead, food court is on 2nd floor, but you can also find restaurants on first floor and -1

    9. barroon says:

      aha. thanks. I cant shop at Hermes but sure I can go to food court and try elevation burger for the first time! Who know maybe I pump to couple of ghost too !

    10. barroon says:


    11. 965malls says:

      LMAO!!!! Pumping ghosts? Barroon? Damn iPhone autocorrect!

      That’s hilarious!!

    12. PKG says:

      Ohh nicee, they got Bice here too..?? i just came back from qatar, n we went to Bice there. The food was really good. Hope it is the same here..!!

    13. 965malls says:

      hopefully, looking forward to trying it in kuwait

    14. Rghz1 says:

      I went there and wel..l i can say it looks like Pripyat!

    15. Rghz1 says:

      Well… **

    16. kevin says:

      BiCE here is the same as everywhere, PERFECT

    17. 965malls says:

      excellent, we'll have to try it soon

    18. Eliasoz says:

      Eatachment is an extension of Melenzane (the Italian restaurant in Bida'a). I highly recommend the latter, as I haven't tried the new branch but I expect it to be just as good since Melenzane is my favorite Italian place in Kuwait.

      I highly recommend the mustard marinated steak with the pasta. And the caramel pumpkin cake dessert, Mmmmmmmm.

    19. 965malls says:

      thx for the tip, will try it out..

    20. It appears individuals hear that Al Hamra is costly and it has just extravagance stores and eateries. So my figure is that lone high society will shop there and others won't set out to venture in.

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