Meet visionary Abou Abdallah

while at kuwait airport, i stopped by costa to grab a cup of coffee – i was also dying for a smoke so i looked at the seating area and spotted an old guy smoking in secret at the side table - so I decided to join him and we quickly connected as we became partners in crime.

abou abdallah was complaining about the non-smoking airport but he had ideas on his own and some great solutions too - he said that if he had a billion kd he would build an all-smoking airport and launch an all-smoking airline where non-smoking people would be banned from traveling, or even visiting! i tried to reason with him on that hypothetical idea and told him that you cannot possibly allow people to smoke inside an aircraft, this would jeopardize the safety of the flight - but abou abdallah thinks otherwise, he went on and on defended his proposition stating that cigarettes never caused fire in any aircraft - abou abdallah was so nostalgic about the good old days where smoking was allowed aboard airplanes and spoke with so much passion and emotion.

so i played along and for the sake of adding humor to the emotional memories, i suggested we erect non-smoking glass rooms in his all-smoking airport, just to give non-smoking people a taste of their own venom and embarrass them the way they embarrass smokers, who stand in these suffocating rooms to get a puff or two - but abou abdallah was categorical and unconditional, his answer was negative, they will not be allowed to step in my airport nor aboard my aircraft.

he was so serious about his plan he even thought of routs and schedules - he basically wants to fly to the middle east and the gulf as this region has a large number of smokers, may be the largest in the world - as for the schedule he wants it to be light, a flight or 2 per day per destination - he believes his planes will be full and will make a lot of money.

well, i had a great time with abou abdullah who turned out to be chief guard or something of that sort at the state prison - one thing i regret is not getting his contacts, you never know :)

    4 Responses to “Meet visionary Abou Abdallah”

    1. Liz says:

      Yeah you sure missed taking his contacts!! LOL maybe u have him guarding u one day who knows! :-p
      Can u imagine that while u were polluting our planet I was spending a whole day at school educating kids about environment and ecology!? amazing :)

    2. Khaled says:

      I would fly on it.

    3. Danah says:

      Lol . None-smoking rooms?? Quite funny

    4. Pam Davis says:

      No worries…Abou Abdullah Kuwait International Airport is a smoking zone. People smoke everywhere and I want this properly enforced because I am fed up of people like him who are disrespectful to the rules just because they think they are above the rules. I want people in the airports who enforce airport laws in KIA and tell people like him that smoking is not allowed unless you are in designated zones, this is not enforced at KIA. It is a joke! Isn't Kuwait Airways a smoking airline? He can start there and make his national carrier with smoking flights. Thank GOD that those are the olden days…how everyone suffered by the arrogance of smokers on flights!

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