Meet McDonald’s under 400 calories menu

there's always a sense of guilt every time we eat fast food, but mcdonald's is trying to eliminate that through this marketing campaign, running in parallel with the olympics sponsorship - sports, fitness, good health and no guilt, are all messages coming from a fast food chain that is often labeled with junk food!

too bad i couldn't find my big mac on that list, but i like this menu and hope it rolls out to every restaurant as a permanent offering - you can read the full story here.

thank you mary for the story.

    4 Responses to “Meet McDonald’s under 400 calories menu”

    1. Pinkish says:

      Interesting coming from a junky :) good effort

    2. sarah says:

      I hopeit comes to the Gulf. Not a fast food eater, but sometimes I just don't have time other than going to a drive-in window. I guess you have seen the doubledecker Big Mac – it should be banned!

    3. 965malls says:

      why should it be banned, don't you love burgers?

    4. ahmed says:

      Oh wait, are these the same calorie counts here? If so, wow, didn't know the food was only this much. thanks!

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