Meet new Kuwait Music

the first time we came across kuwait music, it was back in december 2010, we had just started our blog - from the moment we laid our eyes on the blog (back then) we immediately knew it will be a hit and added it on our blog's favorites - what attracted us to km back then still stands true today, a combination of superior creativity in terms of look & feel, and a superior content, which makes the experience quite unique.

today km has evolved into something much bigger than a blog, it is the champion of the music world in kuwait - this of course means much more than a blog, it talks to the music community through various topics that interest them: registering a band, gettig to know the music fans or other artists, classes lessons, knowledge base center etc... km also talks to music lovers in general and offers world music news, arabic music news, western music, middle eastern music, musical instruments.. etc..

km is also an engaging platform where you can interact in different ways, be it by commenting on blog posts or by writing your own music articles - simply follow the guidelines and submit your work, you might become a regular writer and have your own voice on the website.

scene is an awesome event search engine on kuwait music, basically it is a self-service portal where you can submit your event with map viewing, image gallery, google cal sync, yahoo and outlook, social media sharing tolls, etc...

scene is truly amazing, however we have a couple of minor comments - once you're on scene, you can't find a kuwait music home button, we've spent some time before figuring out - the km link is at the bottom of the page in gray-on-black small font phrase that says "scene is owned by kuwait music" - our second comment is a bit esthetic, "total events" is hard to read, may be a different color would contrast better.

the new km is simply amazing, it is easier to navigate and the overall experience has been greatly enhanced - it also felt the website is much faster than before - for more on the people behind kuwait music you can read their recent arabtimes interview here.

good luck guys, we're as confident of your potential as ever!

    6 Responses to “Meet new Kuwait Music”

    1. Rose says:

      Love Kuwait Music! Keep it up guys.

    2. Caesar says:

      If there was an uber – amazing review about the look and feel and features of our site, this would be it! Thanks so much 965 malls for going through the trouble of talking about some of the details that a lot of people don't know about! Its much appreciated :)

    3. 965malls says:

      thank you caesar – always a pleasure to view & review your creative website – creativity is a rare delicacy in the blogging and online community around here – all the best again

    4. Ryan bennett says:

      Ive been based in Kuwait since aug 2011 and Kuwait music has been such a blessing ! I met my now very close friend though the site ( who Is also a musician ) and make it a point to check the site everyday ! Then it wasonly until a couple of weeks ago that I had a chance to finally meet Caesar and Narine and must say I have never seen2 people so passionate about what they do and the love for it shows in the amazing detail they throw into the website .. Good luck to the km team .. It’s so good to see people trying to make a difference in this country , however it may come , and boy they’ve made a huge difference !

      Thanks 965 malls for writing about this !!


    5. 965malls says:

      thanks for your comment ryan – look at it this way, you can't have awesome work without awesome people!

    6. I was looking for something new collection of the music that can give me the good feelings while listening that. Those who are having the craze of to getting the latest collection of the music they will really enjoy this allot.

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