Meet Shawarma Joseph

there's this great shawarma place in beirut sin el-fil area, called joseph - joseph is a restaurant offering all kinds of sandwiches but the shawarma is simply exquisite! the chicken spit is so huge, i've never seen anything like it before - it's like 70 or 80 cm wide! as for the taste, it is awesome, one of the best in beirut - if you happen to pass by sin el-fil, do stop by joseph and try the shawarma.

by the way, I forgot to mention the "meghle", it's this yummy lebanese sweets usually made when a child is born, you can also find it at joseph's and it is absolutely awesome.

for the best shawarma experience, read our top 10 best practices here.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Sounds yummy! How's the situation there? All GCC's have been requested to leave Lebanon. BTW,Wataniya is coming back in a few months and will regain flying out of Sheikh Saad Terminal. I am so thrilled about this news, I am beyond myself. I HATE KIA!!!!!! As long as this airlines flies out of KIA, I will never step foot in KIA again like last time, for 2 years whilst they were flying I never flew out of KIA and my life was so less stressful. Have a nice holiday in Beirut and maybe next time you can fly Wataniya to Beirut. They should serve alcohol on the planes and screw the government for not assisting them more to get back on their feet, they did the country a favor whilst flying with regards to lifting the airline market for Kuwait.

    2. 965malls says:

      thanks sarah – there’s absolutely nothing in beirut, the media is blowing everything out of proportion – as for wataniya, the last update we had is that they are contacting their staff offering them 50% settlement + they are offering to pay lawyers fees fir those who decided to sue them – ob the other hand, I heard that shaykh saad will no longer be their’s anymore and that they will be flying from KIA instead!! hope our source is wrong..

    3. Ahmed says:

      Check out Gaucho -A taste of Argentina in luxurious surroundings in Beirut.

      Situated next to the famous Phoenicia hotel and within walking distance of the Four Seasons hotel, enter through the Phoenicia security checkpoint, aien mriaseh highway, and you will find Gaucho just past Bank Med, on the right hand side, where our valet parking service will be waiting ? Looks nice!

    4. 965malls says:

      thanks for the tip ahmed – husband is traveling tuesday morning and we have plans for tonight and tomorrow night, next time will try it for sure..

    5. yepi 2 says:

      I was very happy to bring joy to you.

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    7. frozen games says:

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