Meet the Lloyd, an ex-prison hotel!

staying at the lloyd hotel Amsterdam for a couple of days - it is the first ‘one to five star’ hotel of the world situated in a revamped 1920s building and apparently it is a showcase of dutch design - the rooms differ in size and design, but the high quality service is the same for everybody.

lloyd used to be a prison from 1940 to 1989 - the germans converted the building into a prison in 1941 and the name ‘lloyd hotel’ therefore would get a gruesome meaning during wartime - in 1964 the building was turned into a detention center for juveniles!

you can feel the prison like effect in the corridors but the design is so wicked like this closet with a red tea-cup logo on its door, apparently it's a free coffee and tea station for the second floor level - my room is very strange, 70's style and the bathroom has no door! - a different experience for those who want to try something new - if you ever visit amsterdam, i’d recommend you stay there, it is quite interesting to discover what kind of room you will actually get!

    4 Responses to “Meet the Lloyd, an ex-prison hotel!”

    1. Pat says:

      Nice concept! 1 to 5 stars hotel!!

    2. Pinkish says:

      Nice corridors.. just like a detention center :)

    3. zaydoun says:

      I actually stayed there once… in the nicer rooms of course ;-)

      I had a swing in my room hanging from the ceiling. Don't ask

    4. 965malls says:

      Loool … good for you! helps u forget..

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