Meet “To The Arctic”

i was invited to the avant premiere of the imax 3d movie "to the arctic" - the movie is really beautiful and a true wake-up call on global warming and its effect on the north pole - it tells the story of a mother's polar bear and her journey to save her cubs from hunger, as well as the attacks of the male polar bears - the crew followed the bear for 5 full days, the longest bear stalking in teh history of cinema :)

the scenes are really captivating with beautiful footage of the freezing north pole, the music is composed by famous rock star paul mccartney and the voice over narrated by academy award winner meryl streep, dubbed to arabic by iman ahmed alshehab.

the documentary is a real eye opener - if you have kids, i strongly suggest you let them watch it so they become aware of this global environmental challenge.

to the arctic was launched in the states back in april, whilst in kuwait the scientific center imax theater will be ready for the launch over eid.

thanks to nawaf al-rudaini for the invite,i really enjoyed the imax experience - 15 x 10 meter screen and 8,000 watts speakers will make anyone rejoice!

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    1. Pat says:


    2. Space says:

      Same subject shared on other Blogs ( Omarker) , please share rich content

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    4. TKG says:

      One of my goals is to go and stay in the Arctic for a few days. I love bears and I love the snow :D

    5. Nawaf AL-Rudaini says:

      Thank you for posting and attending the film :) Would've loved to meet you

    6. 965malls says:

      our pleasure – apologies I was in a hurry I couldn’t stay over – next time

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