Meeting our No 1 fan!

we’re not known to be very sociable, but this time we decided to meet our number one fan, TKG - actually, if it wasn’t for the summer friends post, we probably wouldn’t have been encouraged to meet.

anyways, we finally met at nestle marina mall for coffee, and our no 1 fan and commenter turned out to be a sweet heart - i was really impressed by his personality, his values and views on life - i was so relieved to see that not all young people are shallow, some of them have a great perspective on life and want to make a positive change - what is interesting, is that everything we talked about was reflected one way or the other in that beautiful wall next to us, every word was the topic of a conversation.. amazing!

TKG is also a blogger, a creative cook, a young guy with a dynamic mind, but if i allow myself to give him an advice it would be to enjoy his youth and leave the big, stressful issues till the coming years..

may be we should make this a trend, meeting regularly with our fans, it is very interesting to put a face to a name and get to know the people who comment on your blog - anyone interested?

great meeting you TKG, all the best in your job hunt!

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    1. Rose says:

      Great idea! How about tonight babe? Make sure you come alone Hun :)

    2. 965malls says:

      Toooooooo late!! my wife is coming back tonight!! unless she comes with me, she’d love to see you…

    3. Rose says:

      Not interested thanks, I still have a long life ahead of me :)

    4. 965malls says:

      That’s the wisest decision you’ve ever made Rose…

    5. I had a contest for my first year blog anniversary and the prize was to meet me for dinner. LOL! He turned out to be the nicest Kuwaiti guy and we hit if off as friends. I introduced him to an American friend of mine who helps me with the blog. The rest is history and I’m waiting for the invite to their wedding. :)

    6. 965malls says:

      lucky you! thanks for sharing this beautiful story..

    7. I keep telling my American girlfriend she owes me some $$$ and a trip to Dubai for setting them up. ;)

    8. 965malls says:

      hope this marriage lasts forever otherwise you will be the one paying kd kd kd kd and a trip to bora bora as compensation :) – btw, nice new look, i like what you did with your blog..

    9. TKG says:

      WOW Thanks man for such a great post. It was such an honor to meet someone inspiring for a change. I wish more bloggers took some time off to meet their readers as you did :)

      Hope to meet you again someday soon and I will take it easy once I find that switch to switch off my brain :p

    10. 965malls says:

      hope you’ll find that switch soon – I’m sure we’ll meet again, hopefully with the family this time

    11. Awww, thank you! :D

    12. TKG says:

      Hopefully I will and I would love to meet the family the next time :)

    13. Ted says:

      So your wife came in the airport, come on……, you or she is not itching to blog that airport? The immigration last night was a nightmare to only accentuate the fact that, yes, you should have increased the parking spaces on this aged airport years ago and nope, he didn't ask me to put my finger on that 'thingy pingy' that is supposed to decrease forged passports and/or detect criminals. Have you heard about the concept 'EGATE' Kuwait? Why is there not a separate line for new visa's? Why is it in a country with high employment each immigration cage does not have an employee in it? Why isn't there someone to assist people in immigration, especially incoming housemaids? Why can't they organize immigration and further this pathetic airport? Come on she didn't just want to go back to Beirut after experiencing how pathetic this airport is, she state the airport in Beirut is not that bad?

    14. 965malls says:

      loooooooool – of course it is itching big time! somehow we lost hope and feared redundancy… it was horrible, I had to waste 45 minutes to “luckily” find a vacant parking spot, the lines at the immigration counters were horribly long and finding luggage has proves to be as tedious… We’re fed-up talking about the same problem over and over again.. but may be we shouldn’t lose hope and continue ranting.. beirut airport has other set of problems.. airport road is a constant target for riots and you have to cross your fingers and your toes every time you cross that road!!

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