Midnight in Paris..



on our paris to-do-list was an unusual task, to visit the place where woody allen shot midnight in paris, particularly the scene where owen wilson took the old peugeot and traveled back in time to the 1920's.

so one night, i took my son to see the place and we planned to reach there by midnight, however the complication of the metro & rer in paris delayed our trip and we reached our destination 15 minutes late - by the way the address is rue de la montagne sainte genevieve, and the place is a church called saint etienne du mont, very close to the pantheon.

the scene above where owen wilson approaches the church is a bit different, obviously the lights behind him have been added as props, they don't exist in real life.



and here are the churches back door stairs where he sat waiting for the car to come take him back in time, i didn't find any clock on that church, maybe it's hidden somewhere..



finally, above is the street where the old peugeot showed up, the street is almost the same, though woody darkened the edges especially at the other end as it has many pubs - the bistro on the left has undergone some retouching but overall the street is still amazing.

if you love paris and if you have watched midnight in paris, i advise you to go visit that street, unfortunately i didn't bump into that car, it would have been awesome to go back to the 20's :)

    13 Responses to “Midnight in Paris..”

    1. Pinkish says:

      Loool! nice post!

    2. Ahmed says:

      I LOVE that movie! and this post is just wonderful, Thank you! =D

    3. 965malls says:

      thank you pinkish :)

    4. 965malls says:

      thank you so much :) it was magical being on that street… you should go and check it out

    5. q8allinone says:

      Every time I want to see this movie something happens :)

    6. 965malls says:

      don't loose hope, if you like art and artisits & writers from the 20's like dali, picasso, hemingway, t.s elliot &louis bunuel, toulouse lautrec from the belle epoque, you'll love this movie..

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