Milk business champions

opposite popcornopolis at the other side of the parking entrance, lies a new kiosk called haleeb hail, or cardamom milk - the kiosk is filled with yummy sweets with some kuwaiti specialties like darabeel & kahek in addition to cheese molten, rahesh and various cakes - i tried cinnamon milk and it was excellent, but not as good as milk khana, as the latter was much thicker & richer.

though we wish haleeb hail all the best, i believe that marina have now milked every single space available at the mall till the last drop! what next, kisosks on the escalators??

apparently, when it comes to the milk business, marina mall is better than haleeb hail & milk khana combined!

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    1. mishmash says:

      Looool, i like this idea of escalator kiosks… good to sell johnny walker with their famous slogan keep walking… but again, this is not possible in Kuwait :)

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