Got Milk Khana!

i hated milk since i was a kid and even the famous got milk campaign didn't make me budge! but i still wanted to try milk khana as i was intrigued by the local dressing of the milk so i went there with my husband to check the place out - i had darabils and my husband had cinnamon milk - the darabils were too dry for my taste but the cinnamon milk was succulent - according to my husband it tasted like something we call in lebanon "sahlab".

so if you're a milk lover, milk khana is definitely a destination to consider - the decoration is simple and nice, we liked the hanging jars and the authentic touch, the only thing that looked odd in this setup is the asian staff - this is not a good fit when you wanna give the place a local flavor..

got milk didn't make me budge, got milk khana almost did...

    4 Responses to “Got Milk Khana!”

    1. Gossiper says:

      Love milk! I've tried milk khana the other day and it reminded me of my childhood. I really enjoyed it and will surely be a regular

    2. Pat says:

      I hate milk and even more cinnamon, i am not going

    3. mido says:

      hahaha I can't believe it…Pat ur just like "Grumpy" in snow white!!!

    4. lulu21 says:

      looks nice, very appealing:)

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