Mixed feelings at Sky Lounge’s 55th floor

a couple of days ago, we were invited to zain's social media day event at the sky lounge, al hamra tower, 55th floor - the scene was breathtaking from that altitude, only matched by the little details of that sublime lounge.

though i had the chance in 2010 to visit the top of the tower (post here), i had forgotten how high floor 55 is, it's amazing how different the tower is 2 years later - when i visited the top, the building was still under construction and we took the laboror's elevator situated outside the tower.

the interior is now very different as you can see, not sure though if this was zain's decoration or the lounges, i'm sure th elighting is fixed, but the setting might be the work of the event company.

not sure how to describe this event, seriously... i had mixed feelings - at first i was bored to death and it took forever for the event to start, but then it picked-up and started to be funny towards the end when stand-up comedians sheno ya3ne took the stage - they basically made fun of bloggers, it was interesting...

but then i was too tired at the end and had to leave, not to mention that i almost won something that night, my ticket number was 635 and mr 636 won a phone! i guess that was my closest draw win ever...

back to alhamra, i fell in love with that tower, i really wish i can move my office there, what a view!

thanks to zain for the invitation, i loved the finger food and the sweets :)

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    11 Responses to “Mixed feelings at Sky Lounge’s 55th floor”

    1. ahmed says:

      I think the view looks sad! It's apparent no one cares – very sad. 55th floor? I wouldn't trust the construction here to go up to the 55th floor.

    2. 965malls says:

      lol, i would disagree on this one, i had an engineer friend who worked at alhamra, this tower is using the latest technology and everything is done abroad, it is simply implemented in kuwait to the letter – can you imagine that during construction, the tower was linked to a satellite system that determined its inclination to the centimeter, building a twisted tower is a headache when it comes to weights and counter weights, and the satellite system helped in for that matter – so i trust al hamra

    3. Pat says:

      I heard it was boring, mixed feelings is being nice to Zain :)

    4. 965malls says:

      but i told you it was boring.. up until sheno ya3ni started their show! however a lot of people loved it, so i can't generalize, i talk for myself..

    5. ashley says:

      I think all it means is that you are terrified of statures. I likewise am terrified of heights,and I stop to the spot if out of my customary range of familiarity with respect to statures. write my assignment .I dream about things that I fear also. Like statures being on a high edge and just thoroughly solidifying to the spot. It is alarming. I additionally am not an awesome bug fan and I used to dream a lot of insect dreams. I additionally used to have ones where I would attempt to shout and no solid would leave my mouth.

    6. Moses Newton says:

      It seems that you really loved the view from Sky Lounge’s 55th floor. It is a wonderful feeling to be that high above, that is, if you are not scared of heights.
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    7. Newton says:

      It seems that you really loved the view from Sky Lounge’s 55th floor. It is a wonderful feeling to be that high above, that is, if you are not scared of heights.

    8. Newton says:

      nice work

    9. Great idea for a post and I love reading about all the re-telling. Sounds awesome!

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