Mo’men now open in Salmiya

back in a april, we wrote about mo'men replacing health stop soon, it seems that the egyptian fast food chain actually opened over eid - mo'men is quick service sandwich restaurant that opened in egypt back 1998 and grew to become a franchise with restaurants in bahrain, uae, sudan, malaysia, lybia and now kuwait.

i stopped by yesterday to try a few sandwiches, i ordered the filly cheese steak and a mix seafood sandwich - they were both very good, the bun is soft and the medium size is quite filling - i was a bit annoyed by the smell of the place, something was burning and it was suffocating! however the price does not suffocate at all, a medium combo meal + sandwich for kd 2.4!!

i will sure try other sandwiches at mo'men, if you happen to pass by salem almubarak street, the restaurant is located right after missoni hotel - hot number 1827700.

    3 Responses to “Mo’men now open in Salmiya”

    1. arteko says:

      hope its clean, as far as i know egyptian has a numerous hepatitis here in kuwait.

    2. 965malls says:

      so far it kooks neat – we’ll have ti wait a few months and see – but usually mo’men is clean, i know that from the days i was in egypt, unless it has changed..

    3. Sarah says:

      Food never arrive on time nor fresh, this restaurant is a disaster when it comes to food quality and as a business.

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