More vandalism at 360 mall

back in january, i wrote a post entitled "purposeful vandalism" at 360 mall as some ignorant lad removed a few letters off the toilet signs - today i read on pinkgirlq8 blog about another purposeful vandalism act at 360 mall, but this time around the matter is far more serious as some lunatic took his crocks off and had a shot at the 250,000 kd chandelier that fell into pieces on the passing shoppers.

how irresponsible is that and what kind of savages would do that? people don’t think about the consequences of their acts anymore? how can they jeopardize people’s lives like that?

i am interested to know what measures were taken against this hooligan - if anyone has any relevant information please send it to and i’ll be happy to post.



    11 Responses to “More vandalism at 360 mall”

    1. mishmash says:

      Such a shame, these people should be sent to jail

    2. Zaid says:

      Pure savages, these jerks think they are cool by doing acts like that. They should be tied on a pole in the center of the mall so that people can through their shoes on their empty heads!

    3. 965malls says:

      good idea! i like that :)

    4. Hiba103 says:

      I like zaid’s idea they really deserve it these are people too spoiled but I wonder if they act lile that at home. Looling cool for doing that? I think not. They are sick people who seek attention I just pity them

    5. Fayez says:

      Our young people are spoiled that’s all. They do whatever they want and they are never punished. And we wonder how things like this happen

    6. pipin says:

      did anyone get hurt? no one mentioned about it. i was just wondering, what if there were some kids or babies playing just right there???

    7. 7ossa says:

      Right, and what if this guy’s family or kids got hurt. This is so irrespomsible and someone should take action

    8. 965malls says:

      no one got hurt, luckily!

    9. Victim By You says:

      The kids are not to blame , The nationals of the oil rich country are just busy shopping while ignoring the attention craved by the kids. This act is not the only one as we know! the youth now a days are intolerable. Why? I strongly believe that the parents in Kuwait should spend more time with their kids and guide then while giving input of some ethics and discipline, rather than going around shooting people for eating before 10min of the Iftar ( breakfast) .

    10. zaid says:

      i am not sure the root of this is that deep, kids are kids and they are reckless, kuwaitis or not, rich or not. True they don't get much attention from their parents as they are raised by foreign domestic helpers, but it's that age where nothing matters but being reckless.

    11. zaid says:

      i am sorry for the above comment my friend i quickly realized after posting it , that i was wrong. Thanks for the wonderful deep insight. you are right kids in Kuwait need to be disciplined. not by the maids but the parents.

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