My Crazy Little Evil Plan – Part 4

part 4 - join a social cause

step1: write your blog on post-it notes

step2: leave a smart message that positions you as a friend to the environment and hide your primary goal - "recycle now, stick this post-it note on the car next to you.."

step3: place the post-it notes on the vehicles parked in the marina crescent

step4: watch earth-loving people do the job for you, the multiplier effect

step5: evil laugh

step6: strong wind blows unexpectedly

step7: back to step1

story continues tomorrow 8:00 pm

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    3 Responses to “My Crazy Little Evil Plan – Part 4”

    1. Gossiper says:

      Dude !!!!!!! You rock :))) Environment lover…yeah right! rotfl

    2. Zaid says:

      multiplier effect?!!! loool

    3. Shopaholic says:

      Nice!!! Go green :))

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