remember my post i hate what sultan center has become? you know that it all started with me looking for hot dogs - so my jealous wife sends me this daily mail article, explaining in details how dogs are made, trying to create a drift between me and hot dogs - well, i have one word for you hun, NEVER! nothing stands between me and hot dogs! this article made me really crave some more, actually, i'm heading to the kitchen right now to eat some :)

so according to this daily mail article, the hot dog mix is done in vast metal vats where tons of pork trimmings are mixed with the pink slurry formed when chicken carcasses are squeezed through metal grates and blasted with water - the mush is mixed with powdered preservatives, flavorings, red coloring and drenched in water before being squeezed into plastic tubes to be cooked and packaged - yummy!

you can read the article here or watch how hot dogs are made here.

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    1. 965malls says:

      hahaha I know that NO ONE can take away this passion of yours!!! :) Oh well… I tried ;) Bon appétit chéri – The wife blogger-

    2. anon says:

      i dont get it. So you eat the imported from america non thab7 islami stuff mixed with pork and you are proud of this fact? is that the point of this article? I dont get what it is youre trying to say.

    3. 965malls says:

      Hi Anon – this is not the point of this post at all – first of all we live in Kuwait and eat beef hot dogs just like anybody, pork is not allowed and you cannot import it – but beef hot dogs, pork or chicken have the same process.

      To answer your other question, when I am outside Kuwait I fo eat pork hot dogs because my religion is not Islam, and even if my religion forbids it, I don’t really care as I believe it is not what goes into your mouth that matters, but what comes out of it – I guess o explained that in an earlier post.

      hope I have answered your question and cleared your concerns, the point is I love hot dogs and showing me how they are done will not stop me from living them.

    4. anon says:

      as to regards to what you consider the word of Isa ibn maryam (as) or as is known to you as Jesus (pbuh). as written "its not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person but what comes out of it," this does not mean to eat as you please. Prophet Isa (as) was training to explain to people that they should strive for the next life and not this life and to work on ones self. What goes into this mouth is in regards to the life of this world, be eat food, a car, a big fancy house ,etc.. and this worldy matters. Prophet (Isa) was trying to emphasise working for the next life and not for worldy matters.

      If you would like to take the literal meaning of things then explain to me this verse:

      Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind. If one blind person leads another blind person, both will fall into a ditch."

      So was Isa (as) stating that the men were physically blind?

    5. 965malls says:

      Wow! Dear anon, I was not referring to Jesus though the lines are very close, this is my own motto – I guess Mary referred to that in one of her comments – by the way I am not a religious person and my views are quite different in my own community, but doesn’t mean i don’t beleive in god – anyways, we don’t discuss religion on this blog – many thanks for the info, if you like we can continue discussion through

    6. RM & FJK says:

      Hotdogs are one of the WORST possible things you can eat actually…they are on each and every list that you can google about unhealthy food…along with DOUGHNUTS!!

    7. 965malls says:

      I know – I don’t eat doughnuts, but it’s quite hard to quit hot dogs!!

      You should read fastfood nation, you will probably stop eating a lot if things!!

    8. maryam says:

      I disagree I think hotdogs can be healthy, it really depends on how they are made and hotdogs can also be sausages which I see all the time being made on my cooking shows which can also be healthy. BUT most of the hotdogs in Kuwait are not, I would just stick to the US ones at Sultan, which will probably be out of stock until October, because they leave the shelves bare during the summer and empty the warehouse. I bet Italy and Spain have AMAZING hotdogs/sausages!

    9. Maryam says:

      I think they were referring to the Kuwait Parliament.

    10. 965malls says:

      ha ha ha ha…good 1

    11. 965malls says:

      if you read the article sent by my wife, it actually talks about a new generation of quality and healthy hot dogs…

    12. 965malls says:

      thanks hun :)

    13. Oscar Meyer says:

      Just thought I'd let you know that they are sellling US hotdogs at the Sultan Center Souk Sharq.

    14. 965malls says:

      thx for that! i'll pay him a visit..

    15. TKG says:

      Smoking is also unhealthy for people and yet they do it. People need to just mind their business and stop saying everything is not good for you. Live life the way you want to :D

      My advice on health > Eat anything you want in reasonable quantities but walk regularly for excercise ;)

    16. 965malls says:

      excellent & wise advice!!

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