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Daily Mail reporter Tessa Boase in a sausage factory. Feature on: The awful truth about your Christmas sausage. Downview Farm lies on the edge of the verdant Pevensey Levels in Ninfield, East Sussex. The workforce-mainly immigrants-are starting to stream out of the large, windowless hangar. For despite its rural setting, Downview Farm is a sausage factory, churning out the pink cocktail sausages that are an essential part of a traditional Christmas meal. Sausages are big business. From August to December, factories across the country go into cocktail sausage overdrive. their products come in many guises: wrapped in bacon, ready-cooked or the plain pink chains sold in shrink-wrapped trays. Some contain 75 per cent 'meat'; others far less. Each supermarket dictates its own requirements and the factories oblige, spewing out dozens of brands under one roof, from the same machinery. And as I discovered, when you choose to buy a pack of these pink, textureless, mass-produced sausages, you are buying into a miserable chain of degradation that stretches from the antibiotic-pumped pig crammed into a factory farm to the impoveished meat, the chemical additives, indifferent hygiene and cheap labour.FEATURES SPECIAL-REPORTER, TESSA BOASE LOOKING LIKE SHE IS WORKING AT A SAUSAGE FACTORY.

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