Sultan & Sophie

i was at sultan center the other day so i stopped by sophie de france bread corner to grab a baguette - to my surprise, the bread was placed in sultan center's brown bags, so i asked the lady if these were sultan or sophie's bread but i could hardly make sense of what she was saying..

first i asked the lady about the difference between sophie's bread, and the sultan bread at the other end of the bakery (picture below), to which she answered, no difference sir..

so you're telling me sophie de france is out, no more french baguette? no sir, this is sophie de france and there is sultan bread!! i asked again, what is the difference? she says same bag, no difference! what about the bread? same bread different dough!

here i had to start again from scratch, i ran the same set of questions and got the same confusing answers - my own interpretation & conclusion was that sultan center is selling sophie de france's bread in his own brown bags..

anyways, i didn't buy any bread as i was so confused, not sure why sophie would accept to be dressed as sultan... not my problem what's between sophie & sultan is none of my business...

    11 Responses to “Sultan & Sophie”

    1. TSC says:

      Dude, Do u have a problem with TSC ?

    2. 965malls says:

      No on the contrary – I love sultan center and it is my preferred supermarket – it’s out of my love to TSC that I criticize, I want you guys to be the best and remain the best.

      If I have a problem why would I come back?

    3. Gringo says:

      Question for TSC.. Dude why don’t u fix those probs???? Instead of getting intense and asking if 965malls has a problem with u, I guess u should be thanking them for drawing ur attention about little stuff u can make better dont u think dude??? Just sayin :)

    4. sally says:

      Yeh TSC, and check out the frozen food section of your store in Fahaheel! I'm tired of my husband being subjected to women of the ill-repute requesting their services. They are there 24/7, so your managment must know about them, there all up and down the aisles and in the parking lot. Rose……these gals got a leg up on you!

    5. Rose says:

      Some people don’t accept criticism my dear sally, loom at me, I’m the b***h on this blog and I don’t mind it!! They should learn a thing or two from me :) In return, may be they can give me a job at that frozen food section??

    6. mishmash says:

      you mean playing the b***h on this blog ;)

    7. Rose says:

      That too ;)

    8. Sally says:

      Rose you are our favorite b****h on this block – we adore you! All fun and games :)

    9. Rose says:

      thank you my dear ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    10. TKG says:

      Rose isn't a b***h. She is just a woman the men go to when they feel down :) So a Lady with benefits.

      As for the Fahaheel frozen food section … do you think any of those girls are worthy of marriage? I so want to get married :$

    11. BKK says:

      Well you may have to learn Chinese.

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