No sauce for you!

a few days ago, i went with a bunch of friends to the relais de l'entrecôte at alfanar, we ordered dinner and waited for the food - first came the salads, then the drinks - one of the guys preferred to have his coke with the meat, as a result 8 men were punished as we all sat watching the coke bottles chilling on the table for over 15 minutes (despite several attempts to convince the waitresses that our friend spoke for himself)

nevertheless, we waited for the meat to land, and everyone had his share of steak and fries - right before the second serving, that same friend who delayed the opening of the coke bottles, orders an extra basket of bread, he likes to dip the bread in the steak sauce - second serving was over, the meat gone, the bread ready for the dip, but we had no more sauce in our plates, so we asked the waitresses for extra sauce, but the answer came down very rudely "no extra sauce".

we tried to ask why gently, but the answer was negative, we don't give extra sauce! we argued back saying we only need a small quantity for the dip, but the waitress did not budge - we asked for our tray back, she said it is gone to the kitchen, we asked for any other tray for that matter but they refused.

we waited for a couple of minutes and asked another waitress, but she sounded exactly like her friend, no extra sauce! extra sauce is not on the menu, we're afraid that people might copy the recipe!! no extra sauce, bla bla bla... but the best excuse was yet to come, it was about the sauce shipment that has been delayed, and poor chef is really trying hard to make the best of what he has.. bottom line "no sauce for you"!!

it really felt as if we're in this seinfeld episode called "soup nazi", have you seen it? no soup for you!!

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    1. Moe22 says:

      Loool nice comparative! Love their sauce but that was bad service! Come on you are a client after all asking for a bit if sauce!

    2. Pinkish says:

      This place has the tiniest tables across the globe, they are stingy with space, and now stingy with sauce!!

    3. Sam says:

      How many rounds of steak/fries do they serve?

    4. 965malls says:


    5. 965malls says:

      i mean the initial serving, then a second

    6. Rose says:

      i can't believe you asked for "any other tray"!! this means other people's trays??!! how disgusting is that!!

    7. 965malls says:

      you can't blame us, can you? guys are guys..

    8. BananaQ8 says:

      Yeah I went to the same branch for dinner a week ago and was told that they don't have the steak sauce so I left,,,guess they have an issue with the supplier or something.

    9. 965malls says:

      So it is true! At least we had some sauce!

    10. The restaurant is offering no sauce for the visitors who are keenly and interestingly believing in the food quality of the place. The taste and purity of the restaurant has been established even without the provision of the sauce for the people.

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