No wonder…

i read this terrible story about that horse on both 248am and arab times - for some reason, i remembered another story i heard just last week and decided to write about it as it sheds the light on the irresponsibility of some people, regardless of their nationality, gender or age..

2 kuwaiti boys had a fight in a famous private school in kuwait, one of them got hit hard on the head and admitted to the school's clinic - the nurse treating the boy realized that the cut was deep and needs to be stitched - she decides to inform the parents, so she calls the father and asks him to come and check on his boy - the busy man tells the nurse to take care of his boy as he is in an important meeting, then ends the call politely..

assuming that the boy's father did not hear her well, she calls again and positions the problem differently, asking whether the school should take the boy to a private hospital, or a public one for stitching? dad opts for a public hospital, saying that there is no need for a private one.

realizing that the father is far from being a responsible figure, the nurse decides to call the boy's mother - the latter was also in a meeting, so she tells the flabbergasted nurse that she is currently busy, and then makes jaw-dropping statement: "make sure they stitch him nicely..."

still wondering why some people don't give a damn about animals??

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    1. Pinkish says:

      Insensible, heartless, irresponsible… No wonder… If sone people don’t give a foot about their own children how can they care about animals??

    2. Shameless says:

      You know, after reading both stories and hearing MANY other around…what always surprises me is the attitude which always has this answer to any problem : This is my country ..I can do whatever I want and I can deport you…then come threats threats threats, mean impolite bad language etc… I am a proud Kuwaiti, and I know how most people here react, unfortunately.. Whenever you put your hand on the wound(no pun intended) it's always the defensive aggressive way to answer.. why not look seriously into the problem??? we are all humans no matter what religion, nationality, gender or color we are!! We make mistakes, Only Allah is perfect.. Who's fault is it? Why is it OK to treat others in such a disrespectful way? And you wonder why they mistreat animals? let them start by taking care of their own children first…

    3. TKG says:

      I am Kuwaiti … is the worst attitude ever. No wonder so many good expats are leaving and leaving behind some good and many not so good expats. I always thought we were all human beings and the borders really don't make a difference.

      In regards to the animal, it is true what Pinkish and Shameless said that they should care about their children first before they care about animals. It is ashame how so many parents don't deserve to have kids (not all) because they don't care about their children.

      I feel sorry for those horses and this woman will have to pay in the hereafter for what she did (actually didn't do)

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