Not what you think!

since we're on the subject, the viagra subject, here's an awesome spray called oxytocin - the spray does not pump stuff to open up your nasal passages, but instead boosts your "pumping" performance in the bedroom, producing results on a par with viagra!

the hormone spray was initially given to mothers in labor triggering the production of breast milk, but its effects on the male physique were unknown until now.

that's pretty amazing, at least men can now pretend their noses are blocked, a couple of pumps and they're good to go!

you can read the full article here.

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    1. Rahman says:

      Hey, I don't know what exactly to say, is this that imp information or you just not able to find some app news from around. Being a regular checker of your blog, i hope i get to hear something informative. Anyways no offense, may be someone is in dire need of the above mentioned nasal spray.

    2. john says:

      Isn't this addicting?

    3. Shameless says:

      Shame shame shame… Why not like such a subject? I think that it's informative as I didn't know it existed and it's fun to know and learn.. So not only it's educational, it's new and scientific.. so high five my friends@965malls :) Supporting all the way and liking your posts always. Keep it up

    4. TKG says:

      I actually know about this since one of my friends got one of the teachers the said product. i hear that it is illegal in Kuwait though boosts stamina for long hours. It is funny though, that you smell something or inhale and your penis is saluting all of a sudden :p

      when and if I ever try it, I might review it for medical/educational purposes

    5. Pat says:

      I didn’t get what Rahman meant by his comment, he wants to see information you already read somewhere else? Blogging is a totally different experience and personally I am here because I like to read unique and different posts. Take a tour at other blogs my friend and you will realIze that this blog is different, just like Danderna, His and Hers, 248am, Kuwait music, confashions and other select few.

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