Olympics & self-reliance

i read this article in alqabas about fhaid al-daihani, a kuwaiti bronze medalist (2000) competing in the shooting sport at the 2012 olympics.

fhaid has complained about the lack of support he is getting, even the rife which was ordered by the prime minister will take 6 months to arrive with the right specs, which basically makes it useless for the 2012 competitions - on the other hand, fhaid tweeted about the disastrous state of sports in kuwait and the scarce support, it seems that kuwait airways did not even grant him extra luggage allowance as he traveled to the uk.

al-daihani traveled with 2 rifles weighting 17 kg, which left him with very little to pack his other stuff and no way to carry extra rifles for the various competitions.

whilst other gulf states have offered their local champions first class tickets and full support, kuwaiti champions are relying on themselves and their own resources to bring pride to their home country - ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country... literally

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    1. khalid says:

      They should complain….they should demand that the government support their Olympic efforts. To remain silent means they let them get away with not caring for them and not supporting the reputation of this nation. What a shame! The only GCC nation that behaves like this towards it's athletes.

    2. mishmash says:

      such a shame!

    3. Mark says:

      do you have a link to the original article?

    4. 965malls says:

      it was in alqabas, front page, yesterday's issue – i guess you can click on this link and download page 1

    5. Asdfgf says:

      Complaining has become a second nature and that too about the Government,Ministry etc…. If Kuwait provides poor support, then imagine what support does China, Korea, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other African and Asian nations provide…

    6. Pat says:

      Actually, China gives 75,000 us$ for any gold winner! Kazakhstan gives every gold winner 400,000 us$ and Singapore 1.5 million us$!!!!!!!!!

    7. claret jug says:

      The UK's premier online trophy store, suppliers of sports trophies and corporate awards since 1999.

    8. Thank you for posting and attending the film :) Would've loved to meet you

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