One of 2010′s best photos – Warning, strong pictures!!

the pictures are captured by photographer domingo botan (AP) - the bull piercing the spanish bullfighter julio aparicio, was one of the most shocking, but also one of the most awarded photos of 2010 - the spaniard survived the terrible accident!

    4 Responses to “One of 2010′s best photos – Warning, strong pictures!!”

    1. narine says:

      ouch! did he die?

    2. TheOtherMe says:

      The bullfighter survived, but I think that he'll have a huge piercing to remind him of this accident.

    3. Shopaholic says:

      OMG!!! that’s gotta hurt..big time!!! well as they say: what goes around..comes back around ;)we’re looking at the bullfighter but I think that we should look at the poor tortured bull!it’s one of the most brutal and violent “sports” ever.

    4. Genta Buana says:


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