Our reader has a point of view!

one of our loyal readers, "FkwtRM", sent us this story he spotted in arab times which basically teaches the reader how to take care of a marijuana at home, unintentionally of course - at first, we took the story with a pinch of suspicion, but when we read the full story, we found that he has a strong point of view!

the paper could have told the story of the young man without details, but instead it describes every single aspect of how he grew the plants in-house, from the lighting and ventilation, to temperature, placement, etc.. then it continues with a few words on the drying and the mix with tobacco!

way to go arab times! next article how to make home wine?

you can read the full article here.

thanks for the story FkwtRM.

    9 Responses to “Our reader has a point of view!”

    1. Rose says:

      Loool, thanks for the tips!!!!

    2. Fkwt&Rm says:

      "next article how to make home wine?" hahah LOL :D…they are working on it for sure

    3. 965malls says:

      Hope so ;)

    4. ahmed says:

      This place get's odder every day it's like there is a legal system purportedly but oh well, let's live another way?#$@ Awaiting the article on how to brew at home #$##$ I go around Kuwait now saying 'Only in Kuwait' again I say to this 'Only in Kuwait'. I still am reeling about them legalizing smoking in cafes inside malls. NO ONE does this, it is no smoking in the mall. I just went to Bangkok, and even there they ban smoking in the malls. Only in Kuwait.

    5. Gossiper says:

      It's NO SMOKING in malls…Only growing weed LOL

    6. TKG says:

      After brewing wine at homes it will be how to be intimate with your female friend without getting caught :p Not this is a story everyone will want to read haha

      Only in Kuwait is a good name to start a blog about the crazy things that happen hear … surely you will get a post out of it as well as readers will read because there are many hilarious stories to unfold ;)

    7. Eliasoz says:

      You guys were freaking out over nothing, this article doesn't really show any details. Anyone can google how to grow it and get actual detailed results.

    8. 965malls says:

      you're right, but for a newspaper to publish it in kuwait, it is something..

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