Mall marketing battles move to parking levels

December 11th, 2010

mall competition is at its peak and every mall is trying hard to stir traffic its way, hence the different events organized here and there as well as an array of in-mall promotions - parking lots are no different from the upper levels, here too every mall is offering benefits to his consumers so they feel at ease when they park, and why not chase them with ads at the same time - the avenues has installed a beautiful counter system that informs customers of parking availability whilst marina mall has dedicated a whole isle for women - as for advertising space, marina went for personalized little signs placed in front of every car park whilst the avenues opted for big megas for the many - will the battle move to roof tops now, it sure is a good idea for shisha shops..

    The story behind Boss’s 88% discount

    December 11th, 2010

    i've been trying to figure out the story behind boss's 88% discount and wondered why not 89 or 90%, but i failed to make any sense of it - i wrote this paragraph like 88 times untill it hit me: it's because boss said so!

      Size does matter!

      December 10th, 2010

      from his humble beginnings as an errand-boy at filippo's, the most famous boutique on the southern italian island of ischia, to his world-renowned and much sought-after collections of high fashion, rocco barocco has continued to seduce and charm the public with his exquisite designs of understated and balanced elegance - however barocco's seduction seems to lack more than seduction and charm at this ridiculously minute shop at the avenues, which by the way is just a little bit bigger than a large handbag! you can connect with rocco barocco's facebook page here

        Talk to the hand.

        December 9th, 2010

          Botox at the mall, will Kuwait follow the trend?

          December 9th, 2010

          botox is an intensely popular treatment right now, and malls are beginning to get in on the anti-wrinkle action, just imagine: you can shop your heart out AND stop in for some botox on the same trip - more malls are catching on to the new fad of adding designer-type spas to their halls - these spas will offer many treatments that are common to private business spas, including botox injections, chemical face peels, and laser hair removal - all of these options will be at the fingertips of future shoppers, who are expected to go gaga over their easy availability - skin experts seem to be cautiously supporting the new possibility, with their primary tip to consumers being: do your research - if you’re heading to your fave shopping mall for one of these newly available shopping-spree possibilities, make sure the people who are performing it for you are completely certified.

            World’s largest game of juggling on facebook

            December 9th, 2010

            i spotted these posters at the athlete's foot entrance - check out the puma facebook juggling game, cool..

              Warning! online use of latin alphabet and numbers contribute to the extinction of the Arabic language!

              December 8th, 2010

              according to Tuesday’s alwatan newspaper page 10, the head of project planning at the ministry of information abdulhameed zaman has warned against the online use of latin alphabets and numbers as they strongly contribute to the extinction of the arabic language - zaman gave this statement to Kuwait news agency kuna, during a workshop entitled “the problems of online arabic language” organized by the syrian ministry of information in partnership with the arab league of nations’ information ministers.

              zaman stressed on the dangers of using latin alphabet and numbers over the internet, which are not understood by the majority of the arab society segments, and called for tangible measures to be taken in order to strengthen the arabic language and help it face the online challenges yadi yada yada… zaman also hoped the workshop comes with recommendations and decisions to encourage the use of online arabic language and to put in place web censorship as well as web protocol. Now let’s just hope this flu doesn’t reach the cars’ plate numbers.. I just wasted a full working day changing mine, which by the way are in latin!

              OMG!! should i kiss my blog goodbye??

                Spray-on fabrics? Kuwaitis invented that long time ago!

                December 8th, 2010


                cheese, insulation, hair — a lot of surprising things can come out of spray cans, now we can add clothing to that list - the british company Fabrican has developed a way to bond and liquefy fibers so that textiles can be sprayed out of a can or spray gun straight onto a body or dress form, the solvent then evaporates, and the fibers bond, forming a snug-fitting garment -  time magazine has elected spray-on fabrics as one of the top 50 inventions of 2010 and the first runway show of spray-on clothes took place this fall, we'll see if the trend will stick! note that  kuwait was the first country in the world to ever discover this technology that manifests itself seasonally during National & Liberation days..

                  Amigos still craving trafficos!

                  December 8th, 2010

                  yesterday at the avenues...


                    December 7th, 2010

                    i came across this hilarious freeloader fork at virgin megastore, look at the insane instructions at the back card!! in the first quadrangle it tells you to walk into a restaurant and scout out the tables to find someone with a tasty tidbit in their plate - have the waiter seat you next to them - patiently wait until they are distracted by the waiter or their dinner companion - quickly expand your freeloader and snatch yourself a delicious morsel... awesome!!

                      1924 Belgian made Minerva displayed at Salhia Complex

                      December 7th, 2010

                      the first car to enter kuwait was back in 1912 during the reign of sheikh mubarak alsabah - this one entered 12 years later and is still in pristine condition.. if you like vintage cars you should take a look at this one, it's a 6 cylinders model with 4 transmissions - nice review here - i also came across the concours d'elegance event magazine displaying a beautiful collection of vintage cars, click here to view

                        What is this?

                        December 6th, 2010

                        you can find them in the avenues' food court, they carry a screen saver that disappears as soon as you touch it then this screen appears - strange!

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