Like IKEA’s new restaurant look?

September 19th, 2013


though ikea changed their restaurant's interior design back in ramadan, we just discovered the new look last weekend and had some mixed feelings about it - the wooden tables are much more comfortable and their height are better, now you don't have to bend forward while eating, they just fit perfectly.



the kids corner is still there, however it has been moved a bit further behind the restaurant - we did not try the white plastic tables, we actually didn't like them!


what is great is the lcd screens menus - they really look awesome and bring the food to light perfectly, easy to read with refreshing color combination.


the entrance to ikea is a bit more confined and the whole place looks a bit smaller, we liked how open the restaurant was before, but i guess we'll get used to it.

so mixed feelings about the new look, what's important is that the food is still as good as ever and their meatballs still rock!

    Good luck Bennett, you need it!

    September 18th, 2013


    a friend sent me this picture taken at arraya - it seems that burberry has finally dropped the towel and deserted the mall - l.k. bennett, the leading british brand for shoes, handbags and accessories will replace the previous luxury fashion house - not sure how long this one will last, that mall is rarely busy.. anyway, good luck to bennett.

      Yet another price list!

      September 17th, 2013


      a year ago, september 27th to be precise, we wrote a story on the prices of drugs in kuwait as published in alqabas - the post was entitled getting high reaching new lows - today, and almost to the day, we spotted in alqabas yet another price list, as shown above - some of the terminologies, if not most of them are new to us, like what is strawberries?? they come from egypt and it seems they come with the lowest prices, maybe it's the revolution?

      what is surprising is that the goods entry points are no secret to anyone, so how are they getting in poses more than a question mark..

      what is more intriguing though is the timing of the two stories in alqabas, do you think that mid-september is the official price-list distribution for drugs in kuwait?

        Earth is my home..

        September 16th, 2013



        i read in alqabas a few days ago that a number of kuwaitis are ready to go on a one way trip to mars and live there forever! i wonder why would someone take such a deal? imagine living in a place where you practically know nothing, where there are no roads, no mountains, hospitals, rivers, seas, forests, clubs, schools, malls or even cars... the list is too long to even continue..

        what about security and crime.. i mean which law will govern and who will enforce it? i will never ever consider such a trip or even consider leaving planet earth - earth is my home forever, not sure what drives people to accept leaving it..

          Meet Cinnabon On The Go

          September 15th, 2013



          i was in salmiya so stopped by cinnabon for coffee - i spotted these awesome "on the go" bites that come in small pieces - what i loved about the on the go is the size of the bites, they are tiny and not so messy, very practical to consume - if you love cinnabon do try them out over coffee, they're like little pieces of heaven :)

            The best, and yet the worst!

            September 10th, 2013


            i came across this awesome fatayer bakery called manoucha in salmiya - the address is easy, alkhansaa street not far from where saj house used to be if you are familiar with the neighborhood.



            first, the guys at manoucha have put some efforts behind the packaging, it is not the fanciest, but for a fatayer bakery i think it is quite good - as for the product, it is unbelievably good, especially if consumed hot! the zaatar is super good, maybe the best in town and the cheese is beyond description!

            as for their biggest sin and where they have royally failed, it is delivery time! no matter what you do you can't get hold of your order before half an hour, sometimes an hour and a half! everybody is complaining about the delays, though the cause is not over capacity, they are slow, like snail slow! if they continue with this speed of service, i guess they will lose all their clients and the momentum the product has built.

            manoucha has another branch in shark, facing arraya mall in the old ta2minat building i guess - good luck to manoucha, though i am not sure how long will they last with the best product and the worst service, quite frustrating..

              Fatburger’s best location so far!

              September 9th, 2013


              if you love fatburger, you have two choices: one, drive all the way up to mahboula, two, drive all the way down to kuwait city to a tiny place at burj jassem - well one might argue that this depends on where you live, sure but we live in salmiya so both locations are a no go for us on a weekend.

              anyways, the problem is now settled as fatburger is opening its best location so far, the avenues - basically they took the old butcher shop's place which is great!

              good luck fatburger, now we can enjoy your awesome menu without complaining about the long drives..

                Meet awesome Brain Mama blog!

                September 8th, 2013


                i came across this awesome new blog called brain mama! not sure who's behind it, but whoever he/she, guess it's a she, this blogger has a fresh approach to stuff - it starts with observation, then critique, then story and not random lame news that you read on various blogs in kuwait.

                congrats to whoever is behind this, keep it up! you're our favorite now and we've added you to our friends' scroll bar.

                  Online prostitution hazards

                  September 5th, 2013


                  according to arabtimes online, international social media sites are involved in trafficking people for prostitution from kuwait, mainly pinays - the troubles don't stop here, sources confirmed that some filipinas residing in kuwait have become victims to the network in question, where their names and pictures are published deliberately to confuse security authorities while they search for true suspects.

                  so if you have a helper at home, be careful and investigate seriously, you might be harboring a culprit or a victim - so in both cases you need to check and be alert.

                    Tough times ahead!

                    September 4th, 2013


                    i've been speaking to some friends who have private businesses and it seems that the business environment is really bad due to the ban of foreign labor import.

                    one guy has a food related business, and he is suffering from issuing ikamas for his employees, as a result, he is flying his staff out of the country and bringing them back with visit visas - on top of that, he is spending a lot of money on hotels in order to lodge the staff - and now, it seems that visit visas are becoming a real challenge, so if things continue like this he might have to close down a very promising business, that got hit by soaring staff cost.

                    another friend has a restaurant, and it seems that getting a delivery boy is quite a challenge nowadays - the number of drivers is limited and the demand is high, so they've hiked up their prices and demand extra perks.

                    house drivers have joined the club and a 100 kd / month driver is now asking for  kd 250 / month, take it or leave it - even construction laborers have increased their minimum wage, prices went up from kd 8 a day to kd 15 a day, good luck with commitment!!

                    so was banning the import of foreign labor a wise decision? i'll let you be the judge..

                      The best sandwich ice cream ever!

                      September 3rd, 2013



                      i was at sultan center the other day and spotted this awesome sandwich ice cream called nogger - the brand is made in turkey, but it is the best ice cream sandwich i have ever had, you must try it - nogger is sold in the ice cream fridges isles, easy to find for a price of 300 fils.

                      by the way, did sultan center lower its prices? i walked out with 6 bags of goods and more than 24 items including detergents and fruits, all for kd 14!!

                        Fuddruckers out, Hardee’s in

                        September 2nd, 2013


                        was at the airport food-court yesterday and came across this hardee's restaurant replacing fuddruckers - well, i'm not a big fan of both so not a big deal for me, but for those who love hardee's, this might be good news.

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