Boundaryless corruption!

July 17th, 2013


i read this unbelievable article on corruption in some of the countries whereby in zimbabwe for instance, women are charged 5$ for screaming whilst during child-birth! can you believe that?! not only some women are reportedly required to bring with them some of the materials needed for delivery because the hospitals can't afford them, but if they don't pay they will be detained at the hospital and charged interest!!

wth!! so glad i'm not born in zimbabwe! god is so merciful!

for more on the global corruption report you can click here and for more on the white ribbon alliance click here.

    Because health can’t wait..

    July 16th, 2013


    what's with this new law segregating locals & expats at government hospitals??!! i can't believe this!! seriously?? though the story in arabtimes online did not elaborate on emergency cases, which i am sure will be excluded, i hope, i am still speechless with regards to this discrimination, coming from a governmental institution!

    i was wondering yesterday whether human trafficking should preside over road traffic law enforcement but now i get it - i mean how will the citizens of kuwait learn to mingle & respect the foreign labor force when they see people in the government encouraging the social split, deepening the segregation between locals & expats!

    what next? weekdays for whites and weekends for blacks!

      Homeslice expensive but worth the buck

      July 15th, 2013


      i came across this pizza display at sultan center salmiya and decided to give it a try - as you may already know, homeslice has already a small place in shaab where they sell pizza made entirely with fresh items, they even go to the extent of tossing the dough if it is not cooked within 2 hours!

      the display has pizza by the slice, though the one in shark used to have round pizza too, it also has raw ingredient kits should you prefer to cook it yourself.


      anyways, i bought a slice and followed the cooking instructions, pretty easy - as for the taste, it was excellent, every bite screamed fresh and that was quite rewarding, not to mention the great cook i am made it taste even better ;)

      the glitch in all this is the price - 1.25 kd a slice is pretty expensive, that's around 4$ a piece!

      i should drop by their shaab restaurant to get a better picture of their full menu - will let you know as and when i do, meanwhile you can order through talabat here.

        How about human trafficking instead of road traffic?

        July 14th, 2013

        Meshael Alayban

        i read this story about meshael alayban, a member of the saudi royal family and one of six wives of saudi prince abdulrahman bin nasser bin abdulaziz al saud, who is being charged with human trafficking - according to prosecutors she held a domestic servant against her will by taking her passport and locking it up in a safe deposit box, forcing the kenyan woman to work extremely long hours for about $220 a month.

        this modern-day slavery is a common scenario in our region, arabs often forget when they travel abroad that a human being has basic rights and that everyone is equal before the law - i wonder whether enforcing road traffic laws should take priority over human trafficking, especially that kuwait is no stranger to such foul behavior, not that we're against enforcing any laws, but i think that human trafficking should come first.

        picture courtesy of the associated press.

          Carrefour’s Beirut paid carts

          July 11th, 2013



          i was at carrefour a few days back where i spotted this new system for the shopping carts - carrefour have decided that customers should pay for a cartaccess, so they chained them all together and now you have to pay 500 lebanese pounds (100 fils) to get one.


          now if you don't have change, not to worry, carrefour have installed coin machines to help you out break your bills - not sure why we have to pay for a shopping cart, if they were after organizing the carts they should return the money post shopping.

          hope they don't apply the same stupid system in kuwait, it's a real hassle!

            Ramadan Kareem

            July 10th, 2013

            during ramadan, people watch a lot of tv hence tv commercials suddenly become a big thing, then they hibernate for 11 months, until the next ramadan - i gathered a few ads for you, at least the ones i could find - a lot of corporate social responsibilities this year, enjoy!

            ramadan kareem to all our readers, god bless you and your beloved families.

              What’s happening to the human race?!

              July 9th, 2013

              it has been quite a disturbing week as human kind gave a couple of demonstrations signaling its supremacy in cheer cruelty - the first video comes from egypt where a few boys were pushed off a the roof by the other clan supporters, beware the video has violent scenes - the other video is not violent, but tells the story of a brazilian referee who got decapitated after killing a young player on the field!!! wth???!!! where is human race heading? why are we witnessing this violence? is killing the only solution? have we learned to use our brains, as intelligent human beings?

              sometimes i wonder if we have ever evolved to become humans... i guess the lion is no longer the king of the jungle, humans are the wildest, cruelest and most dangerous animals of planet earth.

                The Guardian: Kuwait in the top 10 best Arab films

                July 8th, 2013


                the guardian has published a report on the 10 best arab films of the past 50 years and kuwait had its share with "the cruel sea" (bass ya bahar) produced back in 1972 - i haven't seen that movie, or any of the above movies for that matter, though i watch at least 1 movie per day!

                such a shame the arab world is so busy with war and not art, arabic movies used to be big in the past but their heydays are over - not only production is scarce, but there's not enough information on what's good, what's bad and what's ugly - i wish there was an arabic imdb, it would have been perfect!

                  I thought this was illegal!

                  July 7th, 2013


                  i read this story on arabtimes online about this arab woman who barged into a hotel room and caught her husband with another woman - at first i was amazed by the guts of this woman, but then i realized something - isn't it illegal to get someone in a hotel's room other than your wife? how did the hotel give this guy clearance to use the room as his garconniere?

                  you can read the story here.

                    NY Fries out, Mr. Greek in

                    July 4th, 2013


                    mr. greek is replacing new york fries at marina mall's food court - mr. greek is a canadian franchise with over 20 mediterranean food restaurants and express outlets offering fresh, generous greek food like souvlaki, various pita sandwiches and greek salads.

                    not sure if they will be serving burgers, i saw on their menu a delicious hercules burger which i'm looking forward to try - all the best to mr. greek and hope it finds success.

                      Meet awesome C-Omar

                      July 3rd, 2013


                      i decided to try c-omar over the weekend and what a delight that was! if you like egyptian cuisine, meet the best egyptian restaurant in kuwait.

                      everything on the menu is tempting, from kushari to fattah, mulukhiya, foul & to3miya, it's all there, clean neat and awesome! i had to3miya, or falafel and they taste exactly like the ones in egypt, the bread though is a bit different, but that's ok - the mulukhiya is also excellent, but it is served without chicken or meat, not sure why - even the lupini beans starters were amazing, i love lupini so i can't complain..

                      the best thing on the menu is oum ali, the best oum ali you can ever have in kuwait! it comes with a problem though, it suffers from bad heating, one side of the desert comes really hot and the other side surprisingly cold! guys, your oven needs some serious maintenance please fix it.

                      i am definitely going back to c-omar for the koshari and fattah, which by the way is priced at 6.5 kd!! crazy!!!

                      c-omar is in avenues' old souk, next to cafe bazza.

                        Hot Hot Hot!

                        July 2nd, 2013


                        i took the cab yesterday around 4 pm and headed to shuwaikh to pick up my car - i couldn't but notice the temperature gauge indicating 55, but according to the driver it was 1 or 2 degrees higher during the day.


                        while browsing my facebook feed, i came across this image taken by nahim muzaffar and posted by kuwait page, it kind of explains how bad yesterday was - july is kicking off on a high note, i wonder what's yet to come!

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