How old is old?

July 1st, 2013


i came across this article on arabtimes online and it took me at least 35 years back - when i was a kid, i used to think of 18-year-old people as being old, of course when you're a kid everything is relative - then when i reached 18 i raised the bar a notch and i started thinking of 30-year-old people as being old and wondered where i would at 30 - when i reached 30 started looking at 50-year-old people and think of them as old people! i am not 50 yet, i still have a few years to go but i no longer think of 50-year-old people as being old - today , old for me means above 70 years and sometimes even more.

the writer of this article referred to a 50-year-old lady as being an old woman and this struck me as an unfair judgment - maybe the writer is quite young, but again how young is young?

    Meet Shawarma-Matic

    June 30th, 2013

    i came across this new shawarma place called shawarma-matic, which basically works with machines that shove the meat automatically, a nice trick but that nothing to the taste - the restaurant belongs to mais alghanim and it opened a couple of days ago in salmiya, sayed yasseen (the street parallel to baghdad street, behind dodo - you can call 22256444 for directions).

    on the menu a variety of shawarma, the traditional meat & chicken, tandori shawarma and turkish as well as a variety of bread combinations and sauces - you can make your own combo the way you like it, pick the bread you like: burger bread, lebanese, samoun, saj then pick the shawarma: meat, chicken, tandori, doner - add the toppings and sauces: garlic, tahina, hummus, maabouj, tzatziki, ceasar, ranch, spicy... make your own combo and enjoy..

    shawarma-matic also offers a variety of sandwiches, appetizers and deserts - personally i didn't like the turkish and tandori, maybe i am a bit traditional when it comes to shawarma, however the standard stuff are not bad, i am not impressed, but they're good enough to try.

    good luck, the mechanical shoving is quite interesting!

      Bad food day!

      June 27th, 2013


      sometimes you just have a bad day, could be at work, at home, or simply with food - a couple of days ago a friend recommends i try broasted chicken from  farooj - so i went there super hungry and ordered a broasted chicken meal, but i wanted chicken breasts only so i took me like 5 minutes to place a customized order as the meal comes in 3 different pieces - the guy at the cashier seemed a bit slow as people helped me explain what i need, he was so dumb he couldn't understand that i only eat chicken breast and failed to customize my order.

      anyways, he finally got it, or so i thought, and 15 minutes later my meal was ready - my 3 pieces of chicken breast came as 1 chicken breast, 1 leg and 1 drum - so basically the idiot didn't get it! i started with the chicken breast and i could hardly swallow it, the crust was so hard it would break your teeth! the taste of the chicken was so bad, the garlic, the fries and the coleslaw were horrible! i ditched my meal, left the place and decided to try a safer choice, mcdonalds' 1955 burger.


      big mistake there too! it wasn't my good food day at all... the problem with this one is the combination of meat and turkey breast - it seems that the original 1955 was made with ham, but for obvious reasons the ham was replaced with turkey breast! not good! i didn't like it at all, but again that was a bad day!

      i still prefer al domary's broasted chicken to farooj, it's like a 1000 times better, so no go for this one.

        Car headaches..

        June 26th, 2013


        a few days ago, i had the stupidest accident ever! i bumped into a car while driving less than 5 km/h, but the car i hit happened to be a 4x4 with a big steel hook under the back bumper which crashed my car - the 4x4 did not get a scratch, so we settled the case amicably.

        i went to the body shop at alghanim garage, but they refused to fix my car without a police report - even if you opt for cash payment and skip the insurance, the garage would still need a police report otherwise they won't take your car in! this is less business for them as they explained, but there's nothing they can do..

        why this complication? did you know that even if you bump into a wall, you still need to get a police report to fix your car? if you don't, your car will not be fixed at your dealer's garage!


          June 25th, 2013


          a kuwaiti friend sent me this via whatsapp and told me this was published in a newspaper and is specifically targeting expats - not sure if this is a rumor, he wasn't sure either, but if it is true then maybe it is time we leave?

          thanks for sharing musaed.


            June 24th, 2013


            while in egypt, i visited this unbelievable place, which i will not mention, i took the stairs but then i changed my mind for obvious reasons - no comments..

              Café Bazza: Great food, please don’t shoot!

              June 23rd, 2013


              finally, i had the chance to try cafe bazza, it has been ages since i wanted to try this place as i've heard so much about it - no need to take you through the food, you probably have tried it already - if not, you can visit their website and check what they have - all i can tell you is that everything they have is awesome, i tried the local version of the hamburger, it is really good, but the portion is very, very tiny... not made for adults..

              anyways, what i want to criticize is their sensitivity towards taking photographs of their menu & food - not sure what happened there, but suddenly and while i was taking a few shots of their menu, 2 guys came towards me and asked me to stop taking pictures - i explained that i am a blogger and that i need the pictures for my post, they said that it is not allowed to take pictures and that i have to take permission to shoot the food, but even though, i can't take the shots.

              i don't understand this, the menu is on the website and is accessible to everyone, why forbid people from shooting the food? you have nothing to worry about buddies, your food is great you should be proud of it.

              anyways, i took my shots, this is my food which i have paid for, i can do whatever i want with it - as for the menu i will not show it, i usually shoot it as a reference for the dishes' names, but now the story took a different angle so no need for that.

              my advice to you guys is to let people enjoy your great food, not only by tasting it but by taking pictures too - that's not a crime, it's a compliment and a praise to your good kitchen.


                Trust that skinny chef!

                June 20th, 2013


                you know what they say about skinny chefs, if they don't trust their food, how can you trust them? a fat chef always tastes his food, nibbles around and keeps his mouth busy, but not dina charara, chef at the smokery restaurant, katamiya height - new cairo.

                first of all the place is awesome, it sits quietly on the heights' gate, overlooking a gorgeous golf course - it is nicely decorated, with wooden tables and chairs with a beach-like bar and the whole shebang.. umbrellas and stuff - the menu is quite interesting, every section is presided with a french title, a sophisticated infusion of style!

                style is not an orphan at the smokery, every experience comes with its own set of delights - like the food, looking at the design of your dish is a feast on its own, it is painted with creativity by someone with a great sense of taste, for lack of a better word.. pun non intended :)

                if you love fish and happen to be in cairo, do visit the smokery - and if you're not a sucker for fish, you can always fall back on their amazing beef teriyaki or any great chicken dish for that matter - do not miss out on their deserts, they have a great noga ice-cream that you should also try.

                thanks to our egyptian friends who recommended this beautiful restaurant and thanks for that skinny chef, she certainly changed my perspective on that saying.

                  Only in egypt :)

                  June 18th, 2013


                  i am on a business trip to egypt and i was so excited to visit again as the last time i was there was almost 7 years ago - so i landed at cairo international airport and headed to the immigration desk, luckily 3 people were waiting ahead of me - i handed my passport, however the officer asks me to purchase a visa from the bank at the other corner of his desk.

                  i went to the cashier window and asked for a visa, the price was 15$, so i gave him the egyptian pounds i had on me, but he refused to take them - to my surprise he asks me for us dollars and not egyptian pounds, so i tried once more and his reply was even harsher, he goes: any other foreign currency but egyptian pounds! i couldn't believe my ears! i was about to crack up! is this cairo's international airport? how can they not accept their national currency, for an entry visa??!!

                  i paid the guy in kuwaiti dinars which he happily accepted and headed to the immigration desk again - this time there were 50 people queuing before me so i had to wait in line for a good 20 minutes - i handed my papers to the officer, who actually made fun of me for waiting in line twice and wondered why haven't i skipped the queue and headed directly to him!!! wth? usually its the other way around!!! i told him that i respected the line and the people waiting, but he kept laughing at me!!!

                  this is egypt, things are different.. you have to expect anything and that's why i love it!!

                    Al-Domary, the best broasted chicken in town

                    June 17th, 2013


                    there's this place next to our house called al-domary, which means the guy who lights the streets at night in the levant area, or so we've been told..

                    this place has been in salmiya for more than an year and every time we plan to try it we go somewhere else - a couple of days ago i decided to give it a shot, and because it is not that neat of a place, i went there assuming the worse.


                    the restaurant offers a wide range of fast food, like shawarma, fried shrimps, chicken and rice and various sandwiches, however i decided to go for the boasted chicken as it is a rare item in town outside kfc and a few other places.

                    though the food took some time to be ready, it came just the way i love it, boiling hot and fresh, the chicken were amazing, big portions and well fried, the garlic paste  is just right and the fries were awesome - i was positively surprised by al-domary, i now prefer his broasted chicken to kfc's. they are way better.


                    al-domary is in salmiya, close to the olympia mall on salem almubarak street - so if you're in the mood for broasted chicken you know where to go - for delivery you can call 69030024, that other number in the above picture is for their hawalli branch.

                      Promoters. What’s your take?

                      June 16th, 2013


                      different people have different views over promoters, especially my wife and i - whenever we go to the mall, especially at the avenues, promoters are there at the entrance to hand you a flyer, brochure or any promotional material - whilst my wife always welcomes them, takes whatever material they give her regardless if it interests her or not, i personally never even look at the promoters, i don't answer their questions and behave as if they are not there - i know it is a bit rude of me, but if i want something i know where to find it and i really don't give a penny about what they have to offer me.

                      my wife is always smiling at them, she sometimes stops and chats with them, i really don't have anything to say to them and wish they move out of my way!

                      guess she's going to heaven and me to hell :) i really don't like those promoters..

                        What would you choose?

                        June 13th, 2013


                        i read this weird story on arabtimes online about this kuwaiti women who tried to smuggle 40,000 narcotic pills via kuwait airport.

                        the story is nothing new, but i couldn't but stop at the number of pills this woman was trying to smuggle - is she serious? i mean who in his full mind, or half mind for that matter, would believe that he can get away with such a huge number of narcotics!! what's worse, is that she hid them all in one bag!! how stupid is that? 40 freaking thousands pills!! are you kidding me??!!

                        unless she was relying on someone to help her get in, this woman is completely nuts! that's like jumping off the empire states building, hoping to land on a soft mattress!

                        well, if I had to choose, i'll have a go at that jump, how about you?

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