June 12th, 2013


i read this interesting article on kuwaitiful blog that explains why arabs wear the ghotra - it seems that the main reason is to protect from dust, however not so many people use it for that purpose - most men wear it as per the tradition or as protection from the crashing sun, so anti-dust is a new spin, rather old and long forgotten for that matter.

    School arrest?

    June 11th, 2013


    we've seen cops arresting people in all sorts of places, at the mall, in a shop, on the street or even at home.. but have you ever heard of a cop arresting a student at school? well. nothing surprises me anymore...

    it seems that a 14 year old student had a quarrel with a girl at school and cursed her, so far this seems like an every day school incident that should be solved with the school principal, however, this girl happens to have a cop brother, so she calls him for help!

    the cop comes to school at the end of the day storming the parking, runs after the student, beats him, kicks him and.... handcuffs him!!! yes, handcuffs him in front of the parents and students at the gate!!

    the men decided to intervene, they separated the cop and the student, called the school principals to resolve the issue and stop the cop from taking the kid to the police station!!

    this is not a movie, this happened yesterday at the french school in salmiya - we have been advised not to write about this as the cop comes from a powerful family, but we don't see why we should shut up at this horrible event!

    people are dying in malls, we read dozens of rape stories every day and this cop decides to show his muscles at school, against a helpless impolite kid...

    finally the problem has been solved amicably, and though the student might have been 100% wrong, was this commotion necessary? such a shame...

      First post from my iPhone

      June 10th, 2013


      for some reason, i wasn't able to access wordpress from my desktop yesterday, hence I couldn't write my story, which was about the egyptian doctors who performed an operation using their mobile phones lights, following a black out.

      after several trials, wordpress stubbornly refused to grant me access laptop access, so i got inspired by the story and decided to post from my mobile phone.

      to tell you the truth, it is not that bad, however one thing bugged me which is text editing - i like my copy to be right & left justified, and i failed to fix this from the mobile app.

      another thing, despite setting the schedule for today, it somehow got posted immediately!! i had to reschedule one more time and set the time again for the next day.

      as for the egyptian doctors, way to go guys! good your wives didn't call during the operation... care for some liver honey? in a moment darling, still working on that gallbladder.

        Ihop, better lunch than breakfast!

        June 9th, 2013


        we arrived at ihop a bit late for breakfast, so we decided to have lunch instead and it was not a bad idea at all - anyways the place was packed, despite the huge space and the terrace.

        we've never tried ihop before, so going through the menu was a feast to the eye.. we didn't know what to order as each item looked more delicious than the other - finally we made up our minds, and went for a big stake omelets, sirloin steak tips dinner and a pancake combo, with strawberry banana pancakes.

        i don't want to dwell on each item, but all i can tell you that every single one of them was awesome, the food at ihop is more than what you'd expect, especially the pancakes - if i want to really be picky, then i'd say that the appetizers were average, the onion rings were a bit stiff, they'd break at the sight of the fork!

        ihop prices are very reasonable too, so we'd recommend you pay them a visit - the food is so good you wouldn't want to stop, so we recommend it for lunch and not for breakfast :)

          Still Great, fatayer Zahret Dimashk

          June 5th, 2013


          zahret dimask, or damascus flower in english, is probably one of the best fatayer bakeries in town - located in salmiya, restaurants street, the place has awesome zatar fatayer, with an improved formula, less oily and lighter to the stomach - spinach fatayer are simply the best, cheese is not bad too.

          if you're in the vicinity, do not miss zahret dimashk, you will not be disappointed.

            Wishful thinking!

            June 4th, 2013


            i spotted this red label bottle at the cross-road of salem al mubarak street, right in front of the auk - i stopped and took a picture, though people behind me cursed me for that, but the shot is so worth it!

            dude!! they won't grow on trees, what were you thinking?

              McDonald’s Share box, quite filling!

              June 3rd, 2013



              we tried mcdonald's share box this weekend, it is nothing special but a nice box design, and you can do some savings as the bunch of burgers are worth the price - basically you get 2 big macs, 2 royales, 1 nuggets, 2 large fries and 4 soft drinks for 5.5 kd.

              what is more interesting however, is the game on their website, it's a shuffle box that tells you what's inside each of the 3 packages, meat, chicken or fish - nice way to discover what's inside the box - you can check it out here.

                Life without TV? Perfectly fine!

                June 2nd, 2013


                a couple of weeks ago, an infrastructure cable was damaged in the vicinity of our home and we lost the land line, in addition to the internet - the tv was out of order as it is linked to fasttelco's internet, but viva's wireless internet kept working.

                a few years ago, life without tv would have been annoying, today we hardly realize its unavailability as we are on the internet all night, or watching videos on the laptop - will tv still be around a few years down the line? of course, but not as we know it..

                back to our problem, our neighbors are raising complaints every day, but in vain.. maybe i should subscribe to mada and get a free land line for a year, outside the ministry of information's network..

                  What’s wrong with the Chinese??

                  May 30th, 2013


                  not sure what's wrong with the chinese nowadays, but they have chocked the world twice in a matter of days! first, there was this reckless tourist who basically carved his name on a 3000 year old status in luxor, egypt, creating a worldwide outrage and a condemnation by the chinese media calling this "china's tourist shame".


                  following this outrage, there was yet another shocking news yesterday about this woman who delivered a baby in the toilet-pipe and left him stuck in there until he was saved - i can't believe what those chinese are capable of, they really surprised the world with their news this week!


                    May 29th, 2013


                    i wonder when i will stop reading strange stories, like this one on arabtimes online - imagine that there's this transvestite who got marred to a woman just to please his old mom, then 3 months later his so-called wife, whom he never touched, deliver a baby and claims that it is his - this guy never touched his wife and because of her weight he couldn't even tell that she was carrying a child - now the lawyers are in to solve this issue, though he has good intentions he doesn't want the child..

                    i wonder what people can go through to please their mothers, fathers and family members... isn't it time for people to do what they think is good for them? at the end of the day it is their lives, their future and though it does matter what family thinks, but they should never put such pressure and push their children to make such stupid moves!

                    you can read more on this here.

                      The walking dead?

                      May 28th, 2013


                      i read this story on medical daily about this woman who delivered a baby while she was pronounced clinically dead, then came to life after giving birth!

                      any given day, i would consider this as an amazing miracle, but not now, not today... why? because i've been watching the walking dead for a week now - i have finished all 3 gory seasons which made me sick to my stomach and turned me negative and depressive!

                      as much as i love vampire & horror movies, zombies make me sick so i advise you not to watch it, though the story becomes very interesting as you get hooked.

                      congratulations for that woman for delivering a healthy baby, not sure what to say on her coming back from clinical death.. if i were the doctor i would have stuck a knife in her brain... (you have to watch the walking dead to get my ironic comment).

                        Meet Bloggati

                        May 27th, 2013


                        bloggati has been teasing me for a few weeks about something i wrote about last year, finally the teasing is over and here's the surprise - a blog aggregator that splits kuwait blogs rankings according to language, just the way we used to do last year, well almost.

                        what we used to do is take danderma's list, then segment it by language, arabic, english and bilingual, we thought that this is more fair for everyone - what bloggati did is great, they actually did the split but without having a category for bilingual blogs - never mind, this is already a good step forward.

                        bloggati is also basing the rankings according to alexa, you choose to rank kuwait blogs, saudi or emirati from the drop down menu.

                        cool stuff, hope they create an english page soon.

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