Which is your favorite movie homage?

February 13th, 2011

check out this totally awesome 80s movie-oriented music video "don't you want me baby" from the upcoming comedy "take me home tonight", with topher grace and anna faris. - my favorite homage is back to the future, as for my husband his choice is so obvious... when harry met sally..

    Abou Abed joke book 2

    February 13th, 2011

    a friend spotted this new abou abed book at virgin megastore, abc mall beirut - if you're into jokes, abou abed is a must have!

      Authorities serious about banning foam spray during National & Liberation celebrations

      February 12th, 2011

      on jan 10, we posted news on the supreme council for environment forbidding the use of foam sprays on national & liberation days celebrations - read article here - apparently the authorities are dead serious about this as the encroachment team from kuwait municipality confiscated 15,000 cartons of foam sprayers stored inside the basement of an abandoned building in sharq, reports al-qabas daily.

      owner of the items will be questioned for turning the basement to storage, although the building will be demolished - it had been published in the local dailies that the manufacturing and importation of the sprayers is banned.

        Safety lessons from Dubai

        February 11th, 2011

        i tried dubai metro today and it turned out to be a pretty good experience - the train is clean, neat and on the dot - in addition, the train has a dedicated cabin for families! what strikes you most is the number of fines planted here and there for safety and maintenance protection, but the one fine that stands out most is the 2000 dhs penalty for misusing the emergency walkalator button! though that tunnel bridge is not busy per se, kudos for placing that buzzer, it shows how serious dubai is about safety - may be it's a good idea to place some emergency buttons on kuwait's busy malls walkalators..

          An early Valentine surprize for Nick!

          February 10th, 2011

          who's nick? nick is a smart guy whom i met today - he does strategy planning for on of the leading advertising agencies in the region.

          why does nick look so shaken, clueless, puzzled, confused, baffled, perplexed, mystified and bewildered? well, everyone at the agency thought that tracey was the main reason - who's tracey? tracey is nick's girlfriend who decided to surprise with a love song delivered by a mariachi band as he walked in the agency's cantine.

          but i have another theory - i believe that the reason nick was so rattled is because of one-upmanship... for once he was beaten in his own territory and tracey just proved to be a better strategic planner... oh and she did that before the whole agency... oh and now before the whole world on 965malls.com... am i worried? naaa, i have tracey's back-up, the better planer - chill nick :)

          love.. love.. love.. guys & girls, learn from tracey and plan your valentine ahead, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your loved ones so discombobulated!

            Feb 25th: live Jazz concert at the 360

            February 10th, 2011

            according to kuwait-music.com, a jazz concert will take place at the 360 mall in collaboration with the us embassy - the concert is held for the occasion of the national and liberation days celebrations - you can read about the details here.

              Got Milk Khana!

              February 10th, 2011

              i hated milk since i was a kid and even the famous got milk campaign didn't make me budge! but i still wanted to try milk khana as i was intrigued by the local dressing of the milk so i went there with my husband to check the place out - i had darabils and my husband had cinnamon milk - the darabils were too dry for my taste but the cinnamon milk was succulent - according to my husband it tasted like something we call in lebanon "sahlab".

              so if you're a milk lover, milk khana is definitely a destination to consider - the decoration is simple and nice, we liked the hanging jars and the authentic touch, the only thing that looked odd in this setup is the asian staff - this is not a good fit when you wanna give the place a local flavor..

              got milk didn't make me budge, got milk khana almost did...

                Meet visionary Abou Abdallah

                February 10th, 2011

                while at kuwait airport, i stopped by costa to grab a cup of coffee – i was also dying for a smoke so i looked at the seating area and spotted an old guy smoking in secret at the side table - so I decided to join him and we quickly connected as we became partners in crime.

                abou abdallah was complaining about the non-smoking airport but he had ideas on his own and some great solutions too - he said that if he had a billion kd he would build an all-smoking airport and launch an all-smoking airline where non-smoking people would be banned from traveling, or even visiting! i tried to reason with him on that hypothetical idea and told him that you cannot possibly allow people to smoke inside an aircraft, this would jeopardize the safety of the flight - but abou abdallah thinks otherwise, he went on and on defended his proposition stating that cigarettes never caused fire in any aircraft - abou abdallah was so nostalgic about the good old days where smoking was allowed aboard airplanes and spoke with so much passion and emotion.

                so i played along and for the sake of adding humor to the emotional memories, i suggested we erect non-smoking glass rooms in his all-smoking airport, just to give non-smoking people a taste of their own venom and embarrass them the way they embarrass smokers, who stand in these suffocating rooms to get a puff or two - but abou abdallah was categorical and unconditional, his answer was negative, they will not be allowed to step in my airport nor aboard my aircraft.

                he was so serious about his plan he even thought of routs and schedules - he basically wants to fly to the middle east and the gulf as this region has a large number of smokers, may be the largest in the world - as for the schedule he wants it to be light, a flight or 2 per day per destination - he believes his planes will be full and will make a lot of money.

                well, i had a great time with abou abdullah who turned out to be chief guard or something of that sort at the state prison - one thing i regret is not getting his contacts, you never know :)

                  iPhone auto-correct – DAMN YOU!

                  February 9th, 2011

                  back to dubai for a few days, well hopefully... now that i have mistyped KISSES i might not be able to ever come back! don't you just hate auto-correct?

                    Avenues phase3 – ilsul6ana special report

                    February 9th, 2011

                    ilsul6ana posted a beautiful update on the avenues phase 3 which you can read here - picture courtesy of ilsul6ana.

                      Royal Hat-Trick at the 360

                      February 9th, 2011

                      this year the 360 is celebrating national and liberation days in a unique way - just like hat-tricks in sports, the celebrations take 3 dimensions with royal celebrations, a royal exhibition and a royal atmosphere

                      1- the first dimension is the royal celebrations with the 20/50 national and liberation days events - the mall has undergone an impressive decoration in preparation for the events.

                      2- the second dimension is the royal cars exhibition in collaboration with the historical vintage & classic cars museum in kuwait - the exhibition allows guests to view the finest models of motoring history in the state of kuwait in a unique space, reminiscent of an art gallery with the royal and classic cars presented like pieces of art - (february 15th to march 5th at the exhibition hall, ground level - 10 am-10 pm).

                      3- the third dimension is the 360 mall - it just looks and feels like a castle so when you add the first 2 dimensions it just turns into a perfect fit.

                      looks royally exciting, don't miss it!

                        Bad shrimp?

                        February 9th, 2011

                        every time i pass by bershka the avenues, i stop by and gaze at this window poster for minutes - the stopping power of this picture is amazing but i keep asking myself about the idea behind this photo, until i figured it out - bad shrimp!

                        my husband has other "lovely" ideas which i won't share, but what's your take on that?

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