$35,500 LV Handbags

January 25th, 2011

the other day i read in the newspaper a heart-breaking story about an egyptian concierge who's lifetime savings, worth KD 500, were stolen from his pillow in his single room residence - then i came across this LV news and thought gosh... life is unfair!

but life must go on, so here's the latest news from luxury designer louis vuitton who has just released one of its most anticipated items in the 2011 handbag collection, the monogram nova.

the monogram nova is a piece of miniature luxury; however, at $35,500 you won’t be seeing this spectacular handbag on every girl’s shoulders this year - what makes the monogram nova so unique and expensive is how it was made: the handbag’s monogram LV logo pattern was hand applied and then adorned with black and silver swarovski crystals.

the lifetime savings of 20 families accessorize the attire of single person.

    Lanvin kisses arraya goodbye

    January 25th, 2011

    lanvin has closed down the arraya shop with many more to follow as we heard from a trusted source - the retail scene is still suffering from a drastic drop in business, sometimes reaching an 80% drop.

    the shops at arraya that once sold at half a million kd are now sold at kd 70,000 - nothing wrong with the mall itself, but rather an economic situation affecting all the malls in kuwait and the retail business at large - hope business picks-up soon.

      An event that’s the first of its kind in Kuwait

      January 24th, 2011

      food maestros is an event that will be held at arraya mall outdoors and indoors on feb. 1, 2, and 3 from 10:00am to 10:00 pm - there will be 2 types of participants:

      the outdoor booths are for the participants who are in the contest - they have their own electrical cooking equipment - the “Can You Cook?” is a competition between different skilled participants to win three prizes - this competition is going to have 3 talented chefs as judges with the third chef as a surprise judge - these judges will choose three finalists.

      the indoor booths are for non competitors, and are not allowed to bring or use electrical cooking equipment - it will take place at arraya complex, in the outdoor plaza and interior of the mall - there will be tables provided for participants and visitors.

      seems to be an exciting event, we'll go visit and follow-up with updates.

        More on Pierre Marcolini’s opening at The Avenues

        January 24th, 2011

        further to our post on jan 21st, we now have official information on the date of the opening - but first, we would like to inform you that pierre marcolini's shop at dar al awadi will close down tomorrow - the new shop will open at the avenues phase 2 on thursday february 3rd, 2011.

          Kuwait Concours D’élégance 2011, February 2-6

          January 22nd, 2011

          kuwait concours d'elegance 2011 will be held under the patronage of the prime minister of kuwait, h.h. nasser mohammed al-ahmed al-sabah on february 2nd at the marina crescent from feb 2 to 6 from 10 am to 10 pm - this year's event will display james bond's original aston martin db5 sold at 4.6 million $ back in october - this car was used in both goldfinger and thunderball.

          the event will also host muscle cars show, motorbikes show organized by kuwait riders in addition to kuwait porsche club show.

            We salute positive reactions

            January 22nd, 2011

            a few days ago we posted a picture showing a weird woolford window display in addition to another post on the empty marina magazine stand - it gives us great pleasure to see positive change on both topics as usually no one bothers to take action - though both subjects are trivial, we salute woolford's change of display and marina's efforts in taking immediate action for replenishment.

              Marcolini, one of four Master Chocolatiers in Europe soon at The Avenues

              January 21st, 2011

              pierre marcolini is one of only two belgian chocolatiers and one of four in all of europe – the title of chocolatier being bestowed solely upon those who make their own couverture, which is the name given to chocolate in its pure form many other chocolate makers buy it ready-made and then fashion it into chocolates and pralines.

              pierre sources the bean himself from all around the world – java in indonesia, ecuador, venezuela, madagascar and of course mexico from where chocolate originated - initially a pastry chef and recipient of the world champion award for his patisseries, he stayed true to his passion for the art of chocolate making and set up his first shop in brussels in 1994 – since then boutiques have opened in paris, tokyo, new york.

              2011 will mark the opening of the marcolini boutique in kuwait at the avenues, phase 2 across from geox shoes, watch for the opening announcement very soon.

                iPlunge, cute but expensive

                January 21st, 2011

                i spotted this cute iplunge at virgin's and tried it on my old iphone to see if it works - well it works just fine on any mobile phone, the only draw back is the price - 2.5 kd is just too much!

                  Is this the start of the biggest ballon chain in the world?

                  January 20th, 2011

                  further to the below post, we went to the marina mall today and spotted this balloon chain spreading like a spider across the mall - this may be the start of the project that will probably finish on the jan 25th - the way the chain is done leads us to believe that this is probably it, there is no end to the chain everything is linked together so far.

                    Jan 25th, book that date for a new world record

                    January 20th, 2011

                    we don't have a lot of details on this, but it seems that marina world is trying to get into the guinness book of world records by linking together the longest balloon chain ever - seems like exciting news, see you there.

                      Smart retarded solutions

                      January 19th, 2011

                      on november 21st, we made a post showing la martina staff undusting the mannequins in the middle of the day at the 360 mall - not to worry, this is still happening as we've witnessed the other day, but we've also spotted this weird setup.

                      so here's a monumental challenge: you have a handbag to display but the mannequin's posture is not helping - solution? easy, keep on turning that hand until you get the perfect angle for the grip - smart no? now does it look retarded? does it make the brand look retarded? look at the bright side.. the bag has finally found a helping hand and warm home, a coo-coo's nest i must say!

                        Double standards?

                        January 19th, 2011

                        last friday i read this article in alwatan arabic daily that says: "in a scene that is intrusive to our society and that is quickly spreading, girls are riding behind guys on motorbikes without any consideration for the road code of conduct - above a picture of a girl riding behind a guy without any consideration for the road code of conduct".

                        the same day i was walking around the muhallab mall and spotted this mannequin bride displayed in one of the lingerie shops - suddenly the morning article crossed my mind and i wondered whether this scene is intrusive to the society or respects the "mall's code of conduct!"

                        one might argue that the above is only a mannequin, but what would you say if i told you that the building facing us in salmiya turned from a "families building" to a "bachelors building" almost 2 years ago, and since then that building has turned into a nightclub, a brothel, you name it.. and no one is able to solve this "code of conduct" - we talked to the police several times and they tried to take action, but every time the police interfered the parties would grow wilder and louder - the parties start around 1:00 am and finish around noon, we often wake-up in the middle of the night on fighting scenes between drunk guys and stoned girls - the owner of the building is now being sued but my guess this will not end any time soon.

                        is this not intrusive to the society? shut down this brothel opposite our building and keep these ladies riding on the bikes, i don't see how they are offending the road code of conduct!

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