Avenues Salearrhea!

January 11th, 2011

i passed by the avenues yesterday and shot 98 brands/shops on sale - of course i missed a few but does this confuse you or what? what stood out are the very few shops who were not on sale, for some reason i felt some respect towards them - look at this jungle, salearreah it is!

    What are the odds??

    January 10th, 2011

    back in november, we posted an article about the excite promo - today i was pleasantly surprised as i read that salah geha had won the lamborghini gallardo - it happens that i know salah very well so i called him up early morning as soon as i saw his picture in the paper and wished him safe driving- what you don't know about salah is that he was VP of alghanim electronics, the parent brand of xcite, until he decided to pursue other opportunities back in 2005 - luck has no boundaries, keep on trying guys you could be next!

      Finally, foamless National & Liberation days?

      January 10th, 2011

      it’s been 20 years since kuwaitis celebrate N&L days by spraying foam on virtually anything that moves with a silent blessing from the authorities – this may change this year as the supreme council for environment has recently noticed (20 years later..) that foam is a harmful and cancerous substance that is causing many eye and skin diseases every year – last year for instance, 1800 people were admitted to hospital for eye related accidents in 4 days only, in addition to other skin related cases.

      the supreme council for environment is aiming to forbid the sale of foam bottles by sending an official report to the cabinet of ministers so it gets adopted and approved - but kuwaitis are not the only ones to suffer from foam sprays, kuwait’s environment is also suffering greatly from the spray leftovers – do you know how many spray bottles were used to celebrate last years’ events? 2 million bottles!! yes 2 million bottles, incredible hein? these spray bottles lay underground somewhere near you and are poisoning the environment slowly every day.

      personally I hope for kuwaitis and for Kuwait that the government forbids foam spraying, i am sure there are safer ways to celebrate national events.

        Bye Bye Oviesse Hello Pull & Bear

        January 9th, 2011

        lots of updates at marina mall in the beginning of 2011 !

          Kookai fails to keep its head above water

          January 9th, 2011

          Kookai is out of marina mall only to be replaced by aqua - if water is life, then aqua is there to stay - all the best!

            Not so Yum Yum afterall!

            January 9th, 2011

            i passed by the marina food court today and spotted a half closed yum yum tree restaurant, at first i thought that it has closed down for good, but then i asked the chinese restaurant right next door and after repeating the word "baladiya" for like 5 times i gathered from the cashier that the municipality has temporarily closed down the restaurant - not sure for which reasons, but when the "baladiya" is involved it means something is fishy!

              The great hand soap event at Bath & Body Works

              January 9th, 2011

              great merchandising material at b&bw, loved the colors and designs - what do they really mean by spread love not germs? not so sure, but it looks great!

                Oysho renovates, but will it be based on the same old interior design?

                January 8th, 2011

                what's unique about oysho is its logo, if you flip it 180 degrees it will still read oysho - now that their shop in marina is under renovation will they apply the same logic and redo the interior based on the same old design? it's a long shot but worth the try :)

                  Back to Kuwait :) home sweet home!

                  January 8th, 2011

                  finally the holidays are over! well this sounds a bit weird but it is true - the first few days in lebanon are always exciting, the next few days are also fun, but then and for some reason the stay becomes itchy... so happy to be back, finally!

                    .. and they think people won’t notice?

                    January 7th, 2011

                    "always wear expensive shoes, people notice" that's what a famous quote says - it's also true that sometimes the personality overshadows the attire but when the shoes are displayed on a mannequin (citymall's centerpoint), it means that the personality is absent and that people will be staring at the attire - how about a little twist to that saying: "always wear fit shoes, people notice"..


                      Centerpoint opens in Beirut’s City Mall

                      January 7th, 2011

                      previously known as landmark, centerpoint opened this week in beirut's citymall - city mall is one of the biggest malls in lebanon and sits in dora, one of the most crowded areas in town - citycenter is also home for sultan center - by the way, centerpoint's prices are very affordable and i was pleased to see a lee cooper corner with a cool collection.

                        South Surra gives away California!

                        January 6th, 2011

                        join zain today at the 360 mall south surra at 7:00 pm and this ferrari california could be yours!

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