Rebirth of the traditional Lebanese Jugs

January 6th, 2011

the traditional lebanese jugs or "ibrik almai" has been beautifully redesigned by "samar' with a traditional flavor - you can find these at "l'artisanat du liban" or the lebanese arts and crafts shops and they are sold at kd 10 or 55,000 LP.

i love "l'artisanat du liban", every time we travel to beirut my wife and i make sure we pay them a visit and buy our return gifts from there - this time around we found the traditional lebanese hats "tarbouch" and "tartour", in addition to beautiful backgammon tables totally redesigned - i recommend you visit l'artisanat whenever you are in beirut.

    Majid Al Futtaim to build City Centre mall in Beirut

    January 5th, 2011

    according to meed, the uae based majid al futtaim "maf" is evaluating bids from contractors to build the usd 40 million super structure of its city centre shopping mall on the outskirts of beirut - maf plans to build the mall, which will be similar to its branded city centre malls in the uae, on the damascus road and will have a built up area of about 125,000 square meters - the project is part of usd 4 billion program to expand maf’s shopping malls division outside its core markets of the uae and kuwait - the developer is planning to build two shopping centers in syria and a third in saudi arabia - maf is also increasing its presence in its home market as it expects to open its mirdif city centre mall in dubai in the q1 of 2010.

      The cheapest hotel-stay in town!

      January 4th, 2011

      marina mall has launched a new promotion whereby a 5 kds can get you the chance to win a 2 night stay at the luxurious marina hotel when shopping in any of these participating stores: zara & zara Home, massimo dutti, moa, promod, breshka, pull & bear, piazza italia, paul cafe, prenatal & virgin - not bad at all! if i ever win i'll consume the stay during spring and benefit from the hotel's lovely pools.. good luck!

        Gulf Bank’s Al Danah millionaire draw today 7:00 pm at The Avenues

        January 4th, 2011

        good luck to the lucky KD 1,000,ooo winner!! be there today and witness the making of a new millionaire which will be announced by george kurdahi - what a way to start the year for whoever wins it!!!

          Meet superbe Beirut Souks

          January 4th, 2011

          found this great website about beirut souks that you can check here - but here's a summary below.

          Souk Tawila: at ground level, souk tawila is accessed from imam ouzai square, between souk ayyas and souk jamil - one of the longest souks, it culminates at its northern end on ajami square - souk tawila is a covered souk with skylights; its grand bronze entrance portal introduces concave arches that line it from end to end.

          Souk Al Franj: running parallel to weygand street, souk al franj links weygand's shops and balthazar restaurant to souks jamil and arwam - its circular skylights illuminate the reconstructed byzantine floor mosaics with discs of natural light.

          Imam Ouzai Square: imam ouzai square marks the main south entrance to beirut souks - the integration of heritage and modernity is evident as one approaches the square from weygand street - a new prayer hall to the left, topped by a cupola, creates a virtual portal to the bazaar by mirroring the form and scale of the mamluk zawiyat ibn iraq to the right, adjacent to the gold souk - an information booth is available for visitors strolling from the square towards the souks core.

          Bab Idriss: souk bab idriss overlooks the archeological remains of the medieval wall and moat - it opens with bab idriss Square, which features sculptures by xavier corbero evoking ancient figures on their way to the hippodrome.

            One of 2010′s best photos – Warning, strong pictures!!

            January 3rd, 2011

            the pictures are captured by photographer domingo botan (AP) - the bull piercing the spanish bullfighter julio aparicio, was one of the most shocking, but also one of the most awarded photos of 2010 - the spaniard survived the terrible accident!

              Rumaithiya’s police station turns into a historical touristic site

              January 2nd, 2011

              according to alwatan arabic daily, a young man from the “nababit clan” organized a touristic tour and brought his relatives to the rumaithiya police station for a walk through, believing it is a historical touristic site – once in, he was a bit lost, may be for lack of proper signage, so he calls the policeman and goes: “hey you policeman, where’s that place where the lady died?” – flabbergasted, the policeman sends the young tourists away - this deserves a new "lol" category on our blog..

                Michel Hayek 2011 predictions

                January 1st, 2011

                like every year, most lebanese turn their tvs to lbc on new year's eve to watch what michel hayek has to predict for the coming year - this ritual is turning to the ridicule as the previous year's predictions are being edited along with the year's events for validation! but that's not helping as most predictions are so generic and cover so many categories that most events are bound to happen!! anyways, here are 2011's predictions for what they are worth..

                  Can you guess what this is?

                  January 1st, 2011

                  it’s a 1956 5MB memory storage IBM hard disk! in september 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD), the HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5MB of data, makes you appreciate your 32 GB USB drive, doesn’t it?

                  an IBM RAMAC 305 with a 350 disk storage unit was leased for about $3,200 per month back in 1957, over a thousand of the 305 systems (one of IBM’s last vacuum tube units) were manufactured before production ended in 1961, and the 305 was withdrawn in 1969.

                    Zeitgeist 2010: Google’s year in review

                    December 31st, 2010

                    fantastic way to review the year from google - wicked!

                      Maguy Farah offers her 2011 horoscope predictions

                      December 31st, 2010

                      as 2011 approaches astrologers seek to predict the future by analyzing the horoscopes hidden amidst the planets and stars - despite the saying that, "the astrologers lied, even if their predictions proved to be right", many people are eager to read their horoscope to find out what the year promises in terms of career, health and romance according to their zodiac signs.

                      maguy farah talked about her predictions for 2011 yesterday and described the year as "a year of stunning risks," explaining that gemini, sagittarius and virgo carry the luckiest horoscopes, with virgo seeing rising fortunes.

                      • for aries, maguy predicts "will witness changes, surprises and events that will startle him, leading him to change all his habits"

                      • for taurus, maguy predicts that 2011 will be "a year of positive developments and the second half of it will be better than the first half"

                      • for gemini, maguy says, "2011 will be a year of liberation and progress, and it is the most fortunate sign, as it will see compensation for the painful past seven years"

                      • for cancer, maguy notes the year ahead will be one of "major challenges and radical changes in the field of work"

                      • maguy believes leo is headed for a year of "excellence and creativity, and the first five months seem best, for he will delve into new fields and move to more glamorous places"

                      • maguy holds that virgo will leave behind the pain of the past seven years and "receive huge offers between july and september".

                      • for libra, maguy says, will "face sudden reversals and diverse, unique experiences, he will deal with choices imposed by circumstances against his will"

                      • maguy says for scorpio, 2011 is "a year of stability and strong relationships" in which "many sudden changes in his favour" will occur

                      • for sagittarius, maguy describes a "year of achievements," in which he will "open new pages and a sweet surprise, and venture into diverse and distinctive fields"

                      • according to maguy, capricorn faces "a year of confusing experiences, benefits and obstacles, and many complications", she advises capricorns to "be deliberate and careful to ensure safety"

                      • maguy said aquarius faces a year of "renewal and resolution" in which "the stars support him and his intuition serves him in getting out of a predicament in a timely manner"

                      • for pisces, maguy describes a "year of profits, projects and money", she said, "on june 4th, he will move on from his work or move on to something new, entering the arena with courage and determination" - also for pisces, "jupiter holds opportunities and surprises he has not known before"

                      that's all from maguy, 965malls wishes you a prosperous and healthy 2011 regardless of all predictions and horoscopes.

                        Will phase 4 of the avenues ever be completed?

                        December 31st, 2010

                        according to the national, there are uncertainties over the completion of the avenues' phase 4 - the news had a direct impact over the mabanee share price which dropped yesterday by 1.2% at the KSE.

                        with phase 4 completed, inchallah, the avenues will eventually have 357,000 square metres of gross leasable area, slightly larger than emaar's dubai mall - so let's hope phase 4 will get the funding and the regulations done soon, it's a real pity not to see the whole project materialize!

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