Parking mess at Moevenpick Bidaa

last week, i visited the moevenpick on 3 occasions, and every time i had to wait for almost half an hour in order to reach the valet parking - what is causing this chaos? the third time was the worse, the valet parking attendant basically ordered us to take the ground level road and not to drive up the entrance, but when we did, his boss refused to take the cars in - he simply asked me to remove my car and go back in line, but i refused, telling him that his assistant suggested we park here and i am not moving a muscle until i get my parking receipt!

obviously the boss was upset with the attendant's efforts to unblock the traffic, but this is not my problem - hope they get their act together and fix this mess, it is getting worse by the day..

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    1. qabaq says:

      the traffic in Kuwait is a mess, everywhere, not just this hotel

      If they only allow me to take control for 1 month

    2. Mary says:

      If only Mark of 248AM could be Mayor of Salmiya! I think alot of people that simply have been/lived in more organized countries, with no job experience, could overhaul many aspects of this broken country. Alot of the problems could be solved with common sense, improved equipment, and a better business sense which seems to be lacking all over this country in all levels.

    3. 965malls says:

      My vote goes to you qabaq – Yalla, take control and fix this mess – let’s organize a petition, will it work?

    4. 965malls says:

      Ok, so mark mayor of Salmiya and Qabaq for traffic control – done :)

    5. TKG says:

      What about me lool I'm the Godfather :$ :p

      I want to improve the mess of the city, make it more bearable with not a single fils commission on my part :)

      We need better infrastructure so that we can become a developed country. No more should people say Kuwait will never be like the Uk or the States. And I am sick of hearing we live in a dessert and nothing can be done. Last time I checked United Arab Emirates was also in the dessert and look at them not, not to forget Qatar. Kuwait please for the love of the country and for the citizens if anyone cares, improve!! Education!! Infrastructure!! Medical Health!! Roads!! Construction!! Environment!! Beaches!! Health!! ….. (can go on)

      Sorry for the raged comment and the little tear that I let out :'(

    6. 965malls says:

      proves you care…

    7. TKG says:

      It is good to care but the problem is only the minority of people care :( And it is sad

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