Paul & Shark opens at Arraya

back in february we made a post announcing the opening of paul & shark at arraya which you can read here - today we spotted the shop open for business so we walked in and checked the stuff out - first of all the official opening will be on june 5th and the shop is on a soft launch mode currently - as for the clothes they are really cool, but mostly targeting male, the female section is infinitesimal!

i think you'll love paul & shark - i for instance fell in love with this leather helmet... it is simply stunning! but more stunning were the prices, i spotted a couple of shirts ranging from 60 to 85 KD! that's damn expensive! well for me at least...


    3 Responses to “Paul & Shark opens at Arraya”

    1. Pat says:

      Great helmet indeed!

    2. Moza says:

      Expensive yes but if u look for quality you better pay a little more :)

    3. Moe22 says:

      Love this brand, thanks for the post.

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