Paul & Sharq at Arraya soon

paul & shark was originally founded in 1921 in the village of masnago which is located in the countryside of milan - in those early days it was a knitting mill production and the company was trading under its own name - this company continued to trade up until the 1980’s when it was closed down to concentrate their resources on the increasingly popular paul & shark brand.

it was in 1977, a division of the company was created, the new division was created to concentrate on the men’s sportswear market and was named paul & shark - the new brand was immediately popular and in a few years was regarded as one of italy’s finest men's brands.

during the late 1970’s and the early 80’s the casual football hooligan scene was taking off in the UK - the football firms started to wear italian brand such as stone island and paul & shark - suddenly in the UK paul & shark had gone from being nothing to being one the most popular brands of designer clothing in the men's market in the space of a few years.

as the brand gained prominence in the UK the price of paul & shark clothing started to raise and the brand soon came to symbolise well-off football fans - today the brand has a selection of mens clothing and the most popular is jumpers and knitwear - there is no doubt paul & shark clothing is here to stay and this year enjoys its 30th birthday as one of the leading designer clothing brands.

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