Poor kids!

true we can't choose our parents, but our parents can choose to be responsible - to every parent out there, hear our plead! it is your responsibility to raise your children in such a way they learn discipline, it is your responsibility to draw their boundaries and give them the rest they need - their health and well-being is in your hands.

children have a lot of energy that needs to be burned during the day, but they also need to rest, sleep and wake up early - children should not be with their parents in supermarkets at 11:30 pm! what are these parents doing here? what habits are they teaching their kids? what are they doing to their metabolism? how can these children get the rest they need? late-to-bed leads late-to-rise and body exhaustion, this is typical for teenagers but not for kids at this age - wake-up parents!

the above picture is taken at 360 mall, friday night 11:30 pm - i wonder what time they walked out from géant!

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    1. ABDULLAH says:

      شنو المشكلة ترى اليهال الحين اهم الي يحبون السهر ويسهرون اما الآباء مالهم شغل
      حتى لو تعلمهم هذي عادات صارت بمجتمعنا كله فاعتقد شي عادي

    2. 965malls says:

      Thanks for your comment Abdullah – it is the parents' responsibility to raise their children and decide on their bed time – kids need to sleep and rest – do you know that we saw infants at 360 under the age of one at the food court – the baby was probably 5 months old, yawning looking all tired and his parents simply having dinner – another couple had an even younger baby in a stroller, he must be 3 months old – this is not a good environment for kids with all the noise pollution at a time they need to rest.

      when something wrong becomes a habit, it doesn't mean it is justifiable – we have kids and we know how staying up late affects their day – i hope you can change these habits for the sake of your children.

      thanks again for your comment

    3. LWDLIK says:

      Agree! Too many poor examples sadly.

    4. Lina says:

      I am a parent and I didn't have help to babysit my kids… When they were young, I was invited to many gatherings and dinners and fun stuff…but I chose to stay home with my kids, I am not selfish and I know that my kids need to be in bed at a certain hour. It's the lack of responsibility, a lot of selfishness or(excuse me for saying it out loud) ignorance that make parents keep their children up very late and don't care about them. It breaks my heart to hear kids playing under the building at 11:00pm while they have school the next morning, WHY????? So again the question is: where are the responsible parents????

    5. MM99 says:

      They shopped at Geant? Add health issues to that- disgusting store.

    6. lolla says:

      Well, I agree wz z concept BUT not all z people have z luxury of shopping earlier or wzout kids!! People r trying to manege & we should respect their choice

    7. Zaid says:

      they can do that earlier, with kids.. remember this was a Friday as mentioned so what's the excuse??

    8. TKG says:

      I have held this in for too long … There are many people out there who don't deserve to be parents. It is a fact as they don't look out for the best interests of their kids. Being a parent requires being responsible and having the courage to take on the extra tasks. In my opinion many parents act like kids more than their own kids. I have also heard of parents saying their kids are a Burden to them :( Then why become a parent as you have that kids life on your hands.

      In Kuwait it is known that the kids are also raised by the helper in the family as the dad or mum don't have time to deal with their children. What has happened to being a father who wants to know what is going on in his sons/daughters life? What happened to a mum being proud of her childs accomplishments and caring to help them excel.

    9. 965malls says:

      omg! parents who think kids are burden should be put behind bars!!

    10. TKG says:

      Well they shouldn't have become parents then :(

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