Postcards from Vienna, but not all of them are legal..

we're in vienna for a few days, though we were reluctant to visit in the middle of winter we're so glad we're here - it is freezing, really freezing with - 9 to a max of + 2 but the city is so nice and imperial you kind of forget the cold - we took a city tour and visited the schonbrunn palace, which was the summer residence of maria-theresia, the only lady to ever rule austria - maria-theresia was a fertile ruler who governed from her royal bed most of her life as she delivered 16 kids! one of her kids, number 15, was marie-antoinette, the decapitated queen of france.. (above picture of maria-theresia from google)

at schonbrunn, it is ok to take pictures of the outside palace, but it is strictly forbidden to shoot the interior chambers that exceed 1000 rooms - we had the chance to visit 20 amazing imperial rooms including the royal bed, i could only steel a few shots (without the flash) -

if you're interested in a bit of history, this palace also housed napoleon bonaparte who invaded the city twice - bonaparte married the daughter of one of the austrian rulers as they were known for their fertility and he wanted a son - bonaparte's son from the his austrian wife marie-louise was called joseph - joseph died of tuberculosis at the age of 21 and you can see the bed on which he died in one of the schonbrunn chambers..

enjoy the pictures and we strongly recommend you visit vienna, it is one of the most beautiful cities we've ever seen, and we've seen quite a few..

    4 Responses to “Postcards from Vienna, but not all of them are legal..”

    1. Kman says:

      Niiiiiice !!

      Enjoy ///

    2. silver says:

      I am visiting vienna, this April, pls suggest the must see places there

    3. 965malls says:

      – schonbrunn is a must see we recommend you take the city tour that includes the palace
      – the opera house is amazing, you can visit at 1/2/3 pm and if you have time you can watch a spectacle at night
      – hufburg palace is also a must see, you can visit sisi’s museum there
      – we’re also attending opera & ballet dance at palffy palace tonight we’ve been told it’s excellent – we’re back tomorrow so couldn’t see more in 3 days!!
      – we were planning to visit beethoven’s house but I guess we’ll have to skip

    4. Shopaholic says:

      Lovely! I might visit this summer… will update you :)

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