Pray hard, as hard as you can…

more on that blind radar at kuwait airport, it seems that we all have to join our prayers for the next 4 days and hope that the mighty lord spares kuwait a disaster in the making.

according to alqabas daily, page 5 of yesterday’s issue, kuwait airport has entered a critical & dangerous phase in the next 4 days, as 2 planes can collide at any given moment due to some maintenance work on the main radar with a total reliance on the spare blind radar (FPS)! a recipe for certain failure.

however, things are getting even worse as a group of air controllers refused to work on this radar and basically informed their superiors that they cannot assume any responsibilities in case of an accident.

needless to remind you of the radar’s defects, but here they are again translated to the best of my knowledge:

  1. objects suddenly disappear from the screen
  2. sudden appearance of virtual objects disturbing the air controller’s concentration
  3. no early detection alarm system
  4. screen is far from headphones & speaker
  5. screen still shows old navigation points of reference that have changed with time
  6. landing line is  inaccurate
  7. air map is incorrect
  8. small screen in comparison to international standards

sources confirm that working in such conditions is considered to be a crime under international laws & regulations - pray with us guys, and avoid traveling in the next four days - kuwait needs a serious miracle as the authorities are simply turning a blind eye n this matter, quite like our radar!

picture courtesy of alqabas daily.

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    16 Responses to “Pray hard, as hard as you can…”

    1. Mary says:

      OMG…what an incompetent government!

    2. Gossiper says:

      I think that they won't wake up before we have a disaster God forbids!! No one to do something?? what if their families are on board a flight?

    3. sarah says:

      The neglegence of this airport over the years has always appauld me and if you notice their solution was to create a mall, a mall which is taking up space for much needed check-in desks. Everytime I see the old broken luggage belts and the ineffective x-ray machines is a testimony of how neglegent this government has been and how they fail to understand how this is reflective of their government performance level. This airport should be shut down for 4 days to install the new equipment is it means that an impending disaster may occur. It is not the public's fault that this government ignored the alarm bells for so long and let the airport reach these dangerous levels. Fire people! I have never seen a country that needed the correct foreign expertise than this one, you need foreign expertise to install the radar systems, overhaul your airport, run your airport, build the new airport. The only aspect of the airport that foreign can not be involved in is security and immigration/customs and that is in all other countries.

    4. LWDLIK says:

      A disaster in the making… And on top of that I've just heard from a friend that due to a lightening strike last week they have no internal telephone communication only direct numbers can be dialed. And seeing as only the directors and few depts have those communicating is impossible.

    5. 965malls says:

      hi lwdlik, we posted your comment on this page as it was posted on the picture page where no one sees it basically – i don't know whether i should freak out even more or simply crack-up… should a disaster happen everyone will be running around like a headless chicken…

    6. barroon says:

      why you posted it today!! :(((((((((((((((( my mother has a flight tomorrow morning 8 oclock. there is no way I can convince her to change her ticket :((

    7. TKG says:

      The more I read about these issues the more I loose hope for this country :( It may be time for me to leave but let's wait and see

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