Putting VIVA Elite to the test

almost 3 weeks ago, i posted about viva elite program but today, i decided to put it to the test - it was time to renew my car's papers and didn't have time to take care of this silly tedious job, so i remembered viva elite and decided to call them - the woman over the phone called me by name (personalized service) and asked how she can help, positive start... she took my request in and informed me that a mandoub will pick up the car the next day.

i was a bit suspicious, i mean it can't be that good! so the next day, the mandoub calls around 8:30 am, makes me sign a paper and took off with the car - oh i almost forgot, before taking off, he informed me that i have fines worth kd 40, so he basically did his job before coming over..

around 1:30 pm, the mandoub shows up with the papers done... end of story.. isn't that amazing??? hadn't he forgotten to take my civil id, the car would have been ready much before that, but overall, the service was flawless! cost? kd 40 fines + kd 5 stamps, that's it!

thank you viva for this awesome service, now you better fix my network! to tell you the truth, before i was offered the elite program i was planning to discontinue my contract with viva because there's something wrong with my network at home - the moment i step into my house, the network disappears! can anything be done??

thanks again viva elite, next on my list airport lounges.

    5 Responses to “Putting VIVA Elite to the test”

    1. Fkwt&Rm says:

      Nice…that sounds awesome… Way to go Viva… & now, whr shall i pick my card from :P !!

    2. Pat says:

      That's cool !

    3. mark says:

      how to avail this elite card?

    4. 965malls says:

      They decide and call you based on your history with them

    5. Bilal says:

      I am a VIVA representative and I am interested in knowing your issue with the network, if you can call on 50601229

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