Quite a unique sign!

i was at souk al mubarakiya a couple of days ago and spotted this sign - it is the first sign i see in kuwait forbidding spitting, strange spot? too many spitters in that area? whatever the case, that's quite a unique sign in 3 languages...

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    1. Hiba103 says:

      Hahaha I never saw this one, it’s so funny :)

    2. Gossiper says:

      I know of no peeing signs :) this one is interesting though

    3. Shopaholic says:

      Ewwwwww people must me spitting so much there so that they put this sign… Why do people spit? Disgusting!!

    4. kramylee says:

      the people who always spitting are INDIANS, i went in city last week and passed by near the place where all indians sitting and standing as i am walking and look at the flooring of where i walk i can see all those spitted area near to them and sometimes with phelgm its so disgusting so i need to avoid each of it in order not to step in.

    5. Huda jassim says:

      Looooooooooollll!!! Souq mubarqiya has got this sign n its no wonder as the souq has got the indians in majority!!! U havent been to india or pakistan ever i guess… Here u find the place clean where the signboard stands… But there u wud find all the mess n spitting stains of the world right on the board or wall that is used to right on!!!! Haha!! N wat m suprised to see is… U’ve got such a sharp observation!!! M born n brought up in kuwait.. Have been to that souk a million times but never noticed it!!! Seriously ur observation is really sharp!!!

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