Rather good riddance!

i read this hilarious news on arabtimes about this kuwaiti guy who reported his missing wife at the dahyet abdullah al-salem police station, 8 months after her disappearance!!

seriously??!! it really took you 8 months to realize your wife is missing? i wonder how much time it took him to realize he actually got married and that the lady sleeping next to him is not his younger sister!

    3 Responses to “Rather good riddance!”

    1. Shameless says:

      Hahaha he didn't say how long was the cat missing!!! at least he offered a reward for it! LOOOOOOOOOOL

    2. TKG says:

      8 months and he didn't realize she was missing!!

      I guess their relationship in the bed wasn't passionate enough :p

    3. Lonely says:

      Well… my husband is the same I guess lol.. even when I'm next to him he doesn't see or hear me, do you think he'll notice if I'm gone? I guess not!

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