Red Bull Art of Can Competition: The good, the bad and the ugly!

we were invited yesterday to attend red bull’s art of can exhibition at the 360 mall – the event started around 7:00 pm and was very well organized – we wandered around and checked the artworks, some of them were really impressive and you could count at least 5 really good pieces (above picture).

some of the entries were really lame, like the selection below, i mean chess table legs? seriously? red bull clock? a red bull painting a red bull? an amputated-from-the-hips-down-but-still-alive spiderman with a red bull can in his net? angel & demon on the leash drinking red bull? i don't know about these, may be it's me, but i didn't get the ideas.

well i'm not done yet, the creepiest entry is yet to come! a freak muscle-man baby! don't know where this idea came from, may be “paranormal activity 2”, but that one was too much to handle.. i hope i won’t get nightmares tonight!

back to the event, the official launch started with a certificate of appreciation given to red bull’s country manager mohammed ita, from the renewable energy development organization, represented by mrs ghadir alsakabi.

as for the jury, the panel consisted of 6 members:

  1. mrs lulu alsabah
  2. mr abdulrasul alsalman president of the art association in Kuwait
  3. mrs lucy tupaliani
  4. mrs shurug amin
  5. mrs sumaiya bustani
  6. mr enzo manara

the scoring was simple, the judges scored the pieces based on 3 criteria:

  1. creativity, the idea behind the piece
  2. conceptual execution, how well did the piece translate the idea
  3. construction, how well is the piece constructed, special technique or unusual process

mrs shurug amin presented the trophy to the 3rd place winner hadeel al litheeth, entry name “dazzling lady gaga”.

mr abdulrasul alsalman presented the second prize to bader almansour (who didn’t show up), entry name “ready for action”.

mrs lulu alsubah presented the first prize to everito villacruz, entry name “scorpion”.

below are the winning entries, well deserved and really fantastic work.

overall, red bull 2011 art of can was fantastic and will be open for the public today through december 17th - do not miss it!

thanks to jumana soufi (consumer collecting manager red bull kuwait) for inviting us to this wonderful event.

    18 Responses to “Red Bull Art of Can Competition: The good, the bad and the ugly!”

    1. Pat says:

      Nice work! That baby is a real freak!!!

    2. Shameless says:

      Interesting stuff! Dude the baby’s idea is from the cat that sees itself In the mirror as a lion. Same concept but big fail sorry

    3. Pat says:

      More like Frankenstein !!

    4. manuel says:

      Some of the participants were a bit frustrated as they were surprised by the final number of entries. Apparently, on the last day of submission, and just 4 hours before the closing time, there were less than 20 entries.

      The question on some of the participants' lips is, how come the competition ended up having 63 entries? if deadline was extended why weren’t they notified? they could have polished their entries too, that's only fair for everyone.

    5. HUDA JASSIM says:

      u are no one to tell wats lame n wats not… we've work hard n dint just stand n point out the mistakes… everyones work was amazing… as it involved hardwork and a great no of sleepless nights!!!
      oh n u must b wondering who i am… well… let me introduce u myself…. a red bull painting a red bull…. that was mine mr. …. standing out n telling wats hot n wats not is really easy… but working hard to participate n have the guts to accept the result is the the real hot thing… that i guess u havent ever experienced… n the concept behind my piece… u need a life n a mind to get that which i dun think loosers like u have got!!!!

    6. 965malls says:

      hi huda and many thanks for your comments – please don't take this personal, i know everyone worked very hard for this competition, but that's my honest opinion, you may not like it, but that's what it is – take this as an opportunity to do better next year – hard work combined with a great concept and a great execution will only make you a winner – all the best.

    7. Pat says:

      @ 965malls / i am surprised by your reply and allow me to answer though i know you may not like it but things have to be clear here and as a friend i have to take a stand :)

      @ Huda Jassim / dear Huda, the people behind 965malls have every right to judge because one of the couple is an interior designer who knows a lot about art and creativity, and the other one is a very well known international award winning creative person who has been on many judging panels and who in my opinion is more qualified than the the entire judges present at the event. So you should listen to what the people behind this blog are telling you and take what they say constructively, they know what they're saying, they've been there, done that, many many many times and successfully, locally regionally and internationally. No wonder you did not win, you don't even have the attitude to learn and accept good criticism.

    8. 965malls says:

      oh dear! pat you really shouldn't… will you be my attorney :)

    9. Pat says:

      Only when you play "down to earth" ;)

      Call you shortly.

    10. Zaid says:

      @ manuel: losers talk i'm sure. Oherwise why didn't they raise an official complaint to Red Bull? i advise them to do so if this story is true.

    11. HUDA JASSIM says:

      @pat listen mr…. i dint know who is behind this blog or wat so ever… i dint know who is judging us through this blog or watever it is…. i said wat i felt… calling sumone's hard work LAME isnt very cool… n m not just talkin abt my work talkin abt all the so called LAME projects pointed out…. no matter how great designer or artist we r… we cant get all the concpts behnd all the art… n only if we're not getting sumone's concept doesnt make anyone one's work lame….

      @965mall… m sorry sir for being rude…. i dint know ure a designer… just thought that amongst the ppl who were just fooling around have written all thi…. i take criticism very positively… as they teach us where things are missing the perfection… n rite after looking at others work last nite… i knew i wasnt gonna win becoz i know wat was missing… but sir… honestly.. calling sumones months of hard LAME… in a sec… i dun think any one wud take it positively… n once again m telling u that is not just for me that m talkin its for all those like me… i'll try my best next year! n wud cover up my mistakes! :) n sir m sorry once again for being rude as i dint know who was behind this blog!

    12. 965malls says:

      hi huda – you don’t have to apologize really, and it doesn’t matter who is behind the blog. You just said what you had to say and i respect that, i understand how it feels after so many days of hard work.

      i”m sure you’ll get over this and do something brilliant next year because you seem like you have passion for what you do and that matters – i wish you the best huda, and all those who didn’t make it to the top.

    13. HUDA JASSIM says:

      thank alot sir…!!! :) sir wud u mind i ask ur name and ur profession… as a need a little help!

    14. 965malls says:

      sure huda – will do that in private.

    15. HUDA JASSIM says:

      thanks alot! :)

    16. MyYm says:

      another creative work from a Filipino!!! Cool!!!!

    17. all artworks are really fantastic and amazing, wish i could meet every participants and all artist here..thank you!

      i would like to take this apportunity to thanks all of you guys, redbull and judges.. and also to this blog 965malls.

      again thank you much!


    18. 965malls says:

      thanks & well done vellacruz, congratulations on your achievement.

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